The wise man

I as so happily surprised to see Brad from Fayetteville here this morning. He bought his two adopted daughters (Susie was from Casa) for a couple of days visit.

Dottie had only 2 boys helping her today because the 18 years old who work in the garden with her went home for the New Years.


The wise man built on rock and the foolish man built on sand. Duh! Who was the smart one? Our ministry name is “Build your House on the Rock, Inc”. According to Jesus the wise man follows instructions. If you do not read the Word you do not have a blueprint.

The wise man chooses a proper foundation. He builds on the Word that he reads and incorporates spiritually into his life. There is no doubt but that the foundation is the most important part of construction. You cannot see it because it is in the heart of the earth. This wise man knows that whatever goes on that foundation must have support to remain standing.

The foolish man ignores instructions. Our nation is in trouble because we have ignored the very first commandment. “Thou shall have no other gods before me”. We cannot really call ourselves a Christian nation. We are mixed just as Israel mixed with the Moabites and other nations and were judged harshly. You had better be a Noah (meaning you are different) when the floods of judgment arrive.

A foolish man builds on a weak foundation. No one ever stack up money to serve as pillars when building a home. Neither did they use houses of cars in place of their foundation. A foolish man believes he is good enough to resist the winds and floods.

A foolish man loses everything because he trusted in a plan of his on devices. Do not be foolish. Be wise! Read the Word of God and follow the blueprint”.

A mother’s love

We allowed 50% of the 18 and older young people to go home for 5 days at Christmas and today the other 50% left for New Year’s. That was one of our gifts to them. I know that they get bored staying here on campus and leaving only for work of college. They sure do appreciate us allowing them to do this.

A team from Evergreen Baptist in Tulsa arrived and will be doing critical repairs.

Two years ago Sebastian’s brother, came to help Dorcas with the bookkeeping and today was his last day. He is a super employee and has prepared Dorcas for the job.


Many years ago orphanages were a common means of caring for children whose parents were unable to care for them. The typical orphanage was usually overcrowded. In the infant sections of the institutions quite often the nurses would have no many babies assigned to them that it was all they could to meet the physical needs of each baby. These conditions forced the nurses to provide only the basic needs such as food, warmth and a change of diapers.

In 945, a researcher named Spitz did a study of orphanages that is a classic. The institutions he studied showed a death rate of 32% – 90% before their first birthday. It was not due to a lack of care but something else was happening.

A South American orphanage reported for no apparent reason many babies would gradually weaken and die before their second birthday.

The conclusion was they died because they lacked a mother’s love. We never get too old for a mother’s touch. You can see how important it is to Casa for us to have house parents with a mother’s touch. Please pray with us for house parents.

keep knocking

Gretchen, Jim & Bob returned from their respective visits to the states for Christmas..

Some of the dorms are packing up Christmas.

Josue & Estela passed through as they are returning to Tennessee.

Dottie bought groceries since the doctor is sto=ill not allowing me to drive. I have written so many updates since I cannot drive.

All the baby dorm children came by last night and gave us a plastic ball, 3 marshmellows and 3 cookies. They had Santa hats on.

Merry Christmas is over

Continuing with our theme of prayer we can look at Matthew 7:7-8 where we are told to ask, seek and knock. What a privilege it is for his children to ask and receive. Many Christians have very little of what is truly important because they do not take the time to pray.

Others do not receive because they do not seek. You will never discover what you are looking for if you do not seek it. Years ago I could not find my passport and I had to leave the country. I turned our upstairs room upside down in order to find it. I did not go half-heartedly about the task. It meant too much to me. Is there anything you desire from God that you will not seek with all of your heart?

The door opens when you knock on it. That door is the door to God’s heart. Oh, how He wants to bless us but we just hang around the door and never knock. If you have a genuine relationship with God you will knock. If you have a proper relationship with God you will knock. If you have the wisdom to want more you will knock.

He wants so desperately to hear your call or to feel you seeking or to hear you knocking. Why lose out when it is so simple. It only costs time!


Lord’s Prayer

As we close the old year and look forward to the new year I want to thank all of you who participated in helping the children at Casa. There is great need and that is of house parents for the boys ages 10-14. There are 30 of them in the dorm. Please pray that God will touch someone’s heart to help. It is truly a great opportunity to impact lives.

My physician came to the house at 9 pm last night to check on me. I need 3 more weeks with the metal brace. It is so uncomfortable.

Aroldo gave me a beautiful plaque for Christmas with the names of all those in dialysis. It has been 10 years since the first transplant. And she, Genesis, is very healthy. There have been exactly 20 come to dialysis.

Emily came home from the hospital and looks great.



Emily in the hospital. Just woke up.

Matthew 6:6 “When thou prayest enter into thy closet, shut the door and pray “Our Father”…

  1. It is assumed that prayer will be a natural part of the Christian life. “When thou prayest” is no “If you pray”. God expects us to speak with Him on a daily basis.
  2. It is assumed that the Christian will have a place to pray. “Enter into thy closet”. We have rooms and spaces in our home for everything so why not a place to pray? I use my living room upstairs.
  3. It is assumed the Christian will be very personal in his praying. “Shut the door”. There must be a time where we can shut ourselves in with God and pray alone to Him. We need privacy to hear His voice.
  4. It is assumed that the Christian will desire the fellowship of prayer. “Pray to the Father”. Prayer is personal between you and your Father in heaven. There is nothing wrong in praying with others but for a powerful life you need personal prayer.
  5. It is a promise from God that He will reward such prayer. “The Father will reward you”. When you care enough to get alone with Him He not only listens but also He answers.

God always gives us directions but with that He also gives us a choice. You have but One Heavenly Father so please converse with Him.


The weather is cool but the children are loving to play with their gifts.

I have been walking outside more and more. Each day I feel a little better.

Emily should come home from the hospital tomorrow. Mario and Mariella were able to spend some time with her at the hospital today.

Some of the boys cut grass with machetes on the new back proporty.

Jose Armando proposing to Tatiana


Burke speaks of humility in an arrogant world.

  1. The humble can wait patiently while the arrogant want it now.
  2. The humble demonstrates kindness while the arrogant doesn’t even notice the need.
  3. The humble are content, not jealous or envious, while the arrogant feels he needs more.
  4. The humble honor and esteems the other while the arrogant brags on himself.
  5. The humble does not act unbecomingly while the arrogant’s manners are rude.
  6. The humble show a servant’s spirit while the arrogant demands to be served.
  7. The humble are not easily provoked while the arrogant are quick to take offense.
  8. The humble quickly forgive a wrong suffered while the arrogant cannot rest until the even the score.


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