what I need when i am lonley

Dottie & Gladys went shopping for the Lord’ Supper to be help Sunday morning. Gladys needed more items for the banquet tonight.

Carmella, who had openheart surgery a few years ago is now 23 years of age. She has gone to live with her family in the Peten. She had been a great daughter. Her dad came to get her and he was so emotional. He expressed his gratitude with tears.

The banquet was a great success.



Baby dorm opening gifts


Stevens says we all need:

To be loved when lonely. Can you believe that in the midst of hundreds of children at Casa I often feel isolated and alone? I know that happens when I have to make decisions that only I can make. I need his love so much in those times.

  • To be protected when afraid. I have been robbed 5 times at gunpoint. I have buried 31 children. I have seen the finances dip. Honestly those times made me fearful. I need to feel His protective arms around me.
  • I need to be fed when hungry. There have been times when I need to taste His Word for a specific need. Without hunger for God we do not eat of the blessings.
  • To be taught when confused. As I type this I am awaiting a government inspection. I am not certain what they want or how it will affect Casa but I do know that I can only walk through this darkness by using His light.
  • To be encouraged when downhearted. No one knows what it is like to bury multiple children unless they have had that horrible experience. Your heart hits rock bottom. You can only survive if He intervenes.
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