Cindy had trouble with her catheter again and it took 4 attempts before they could find a vein strong enough for hemodialysis.   It is very quiet here as the gifts have been given. Today we gave the gifts from sponsors. Los cometas went out for pizza.


Singing in the concert

More of what we need.

  • To be filled when we are empty. Did your car ever run out of gas? How about you? Have you gone as far as you can go? There are times when I just feel as though I used all my energy. I need Him to fill me anew.
  • To be encouraged when downhearted. I have literally had children tell me that I never did anything for them. That hurts to the core of my being. It just discourages me to no end. I hurt for days. I need Jesus to tell me it will be ok and that those children one day would be appreciative for all Jesus has done for them.
  • To be heard when crying. Did you ever feel that your tears were in vain? I have. I have wept until I had no more liquid available. My heart has broken to the point that I wonder if I can even continue. But Christ has always listened to my cries and comforted me.
  • To be found when lost. Have you ever wondered if you were making the correct decisions? Have you ever thought that you were off of the path? My life has consisted of as many wrong turns as correct ones. Yet Jesus has always spoken to my heart and eased me back on the correct path.
  • To be given hope when all appears dark. I must confess to you as I have throughout these ten thoughts that I have lost hope at times. I have wondered if anything I did was really accomplishing what God wanted for me. Darkness causes confusion and fear and we must struggle to let Him bring us into the light.
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