winds of fear

I made radio shows.

Dr. Lou and his wife came to bring a gift and to see the Casa for Antony. He is still as excited today as when we began construction.



Ecclesiastes 11:4. God has a plan to reach the world. He wants us going and sowing, weeping and reaping. Psalm 126:6 says we all should be sowing and reaping. We are to sow the Word and reap souls. Sowing (witnessing) beings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to Christians.

But Ecclesiastes says that if we observe the wind (circumstances) we will not sow. We have the seed but do not drop them in the soil. A harvest awaits but we are afraid to plant.

We must sow righteous living. Your most powerful testimony is your life. The way you live speaks volumes more than what you say. God says if we sow material wealth we will have an abundance of wealth. The sowing of the Word of God will give us Spiritual wealth. We will reap souls.

Ecclesiastes goes on to say that if you sow but regard the clouds you will not reap a harvest. You are afraid because of the clouds. You are afraid a storm will destroy your crop. The storm of what will people say! The storm of beginning well but not being able to finish! The storm of fearing God will not help!

Remember no sowing, no reaping, and no harvest.

What winds of fear keep you from going and sowing? Fear should never keep you from being faithful.

What do we have to be thankful for? (Psalm 103:2)

David encourages himself in Psalm 103:2 to give thanks daily for his blessings. He reminds himself of God’s great blessings.

  • We should be thankful for the essentials of life. The original Pilgrims had little physical comforts to be thankful about but they had the first Thanksgiving. Millions for people go to bed hungry every night. Do you? When winter comes there are people worldwide who are cold and ill prepared. If you have sufficient clothing for winter you are blessed.
  • I Thessalonians 5:18 says that we should be thankful for everything in life. He says all things work together for good if you love God and are called to His purpose.
  • Be thankful for the weather whatever it may be. Be thankful you know the One who holds the future. Be thankful for the promise He gives us when confronted with storms.
  • Be thankful there is a design in our difficulties. As I type this we are facing a major inspection in an hour from the government. It is frightening in the natural. But He delivers us from destruction. I need to be thankful for the troubles that HAVE NOT come my way.
  • Be thankful for eternal life. Over the years I have many, many times said, “This too will pass”. This world I live in is temporary for me. I deserve hell and death but Jesus has given me life and heaven. What more do I need. He will see us through our pains, sorrows and disappointments.
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