Emily woke up after 34 hour.. The physicians cannot explain what happened. But Glory to God she is awake.

Some of the kids who live nearby came by with a love offering to help with my medication That was so kind of them.

Some of the kids stayed up until 2 am to celebrate Christmas Guatemalan style.


Burke speaks of humility in an arrogant world.

  1. The humble can wait patiently while the arrogant want it now.
  2. The humble demonstrates kindness while the arrogant doesn’t even notice the need.
  3. The humble are content, not jealous or envious, while the arrogant feels he needs more.
  4. The humble honor and esteems the other while the arrogant brags on himself.
  5. The humble does not act unbecomingly while the arrogant’s manners are rude.
  6. The humble show a servant’s spirit while the arrogant demands to be served.
  7. The humble are not easily provoked while the arrogant are quick to take offense.
  8. The humble quickly forgive a wrong suffered while the arrogant cannot rest until the even the score.

Did you know that

Mario & Mariella’s little girl Emily was taken to the hospital at 2am and we are still awaiting the results. She is in ICU.

We had the Lord’s supper in the morning and it went very well. It was very cold but the children stayed in a spiritual mood throughout.

Jose’ Armando proposed to Tatiana and she accepted.

Aroldo gave me a plaque celebrating 10 years since we started dialysis. Hard to believe!


Did you know that?

  1. The best day is today
  2. The greatest puzzle is life
  3. The best play is work
  4. The greatest mystery is death
  5. The best work is the work you like
  6. The most ridiculous asset is pride
  7. The most expensive indulgence is pride
  8. The most disagreeable person is the complainer
  9. The best teacher is the one who makes you want to learn
  10. The greatest deceiver is the one who deceives himself
  11. The worst bankrupt is the soul who has lost enthusiasm
  12. The cheapest, stupidest and easiest thing to do is complain.
  13. The greatest comfort is knowing you did well
  14. The greatest thing in the world is love for family, home, friends and neighbors.

winds of fear

I made radio shows.

Dr. Lou and his wife came to bring a gift and to see the Casa for Antony. He is still as excited today as when we began construction.



Ecclesiastes 11:4. God has a plan to reach the world. He wants us going and sowing, weeping and reaping. Psalm 126:6 says we all should be sowing and reaping. We are to sow the Word and reap souls. Sowing (witnessing) beings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to Christians.

But Ecclesiastes says that if we observe the wind (circumstances) we will not sow. We have the seed but do not drop them in the soil. A harvest awaits but we are afraid to plant.

We must sow righteous living. Your most powerful testimony is your life. The way you live speaks volumes more than what you say. God says if we sow material wealth we will have an abundance of wealth. The sowing of the Word of God will give us Spiritual wealth. We will reap souls.

Ecclesiastes goes on to say that if you sow but regard the clouds you will not reap a harvest. You are afraid because of the clouds. You are afraid a storm will destroy your crop. The storm of what will people say! The storm of beginning well but not being able to finish! The storm of fearing God will not help!

Remember no sowing, no reaping, and no harvest.

What winds of fear keep you from going and sowing? Fear should never keep you from being faithful.

What do we have to be thankful for? (Psalm 103:2)

David encourages himself in Psalm 103:2 to give thanks daily for his blessings. He reminds himself of God’s great blessings.

  • We should be thankful for the essentials of life. The original Pilgrims had little physical comforts to be thankful about but they had the first Thanksgiving. Millions for people go to bed hungry every night. Do you? When winter comes there are people worldwide who are cold and ill prepared. If you have sufficient clothing for winter you are blessed.
  • I Thessalonians 5:18 says that we should be thankful for everything in life. He says all things work together for good if you love God and are called to His purpose.
  • Be thankful for the weather whatever it may be. Be thankful you know the One who holds the future. Be thankful for the promise He gives us when confronted with storms.
  • Be thankful there is a design in our difficulties. As I type this we are facing a major inspection in an hour from the government. It is frightening in the natural. But He delivers us from destruction. I need to be thankful for the troubles that HAVE NOT come my way.
  • Be thankful for eternal life. Over the years I have many, many times said, “This too will pass”. This world I live in is temporary for me. I deserve hell and death but Jesus has given me life and heaven. What more do I need. He will see us through our pains, sorrows and disappointments.


Cindy had trouble with her catheter again and it took 4 attempts before they could find a vein strong enough for hemodialysis.   It is very quiet here as the gifts have been given. Today we gave the gifts from sponsors. Los cometas went out for pizza.


Singing in the concert

More of what we need.

  • To be filled when we are empty. Did your car ever run out of gas? How about you? Have you gone as far as you can go? There are times when I just feel as though I used all my energy. I need Him to fill me anew.
  • To be encouraged when downhearted. I have literally had children tell me that I never did anything for them. That hurts to the core of my being. It just discourages me to no end. I hurt for days. I need Jesus to tell me it will be ok and that those children one day would be appreciative for all Jesus has done for them.
  • To be heard when crying. Did you ever feel that your tears were in vain? I have. I have wept until I had no more liquid available. My heart has broken to the point that I wonder if I can even continue. But Christ has always listened to my cries and comforted me.
  • To be found when lost. Have you ever wondered if you were making the correct decisions? Have you ever thought that you were off of the path? My life has consisted of as many wrong turns as correct ones. Yet Jesus has always spoken to my heart and eased me back on the correct path.
  • To be given hope when all appears dark. I must confess to you as I have throughout these ten thoughts that I have lost hope at times. I have wondered if anything I did was really accomplishing what God wanted for me. Darkness causes confusion and fear and we must struggle to let Him bring us into the light.

what I need when i am lonley

Dottie & Gladys went shopping for the Lord’ Supper to be help Sunday morning. Gladys needed more items for the banquet tonight.

Carmella, who had openheart surgery a few years ago is now 23 years of age. She has gone to live with her family in the Peten. She had been a great daughter. Her dad came to get her and he was so emotional. He expressed his gratitude with tears.

The banquet was a great success.



Baby dorm opening gifts


Stevens says we all need:

To be loved when lonely. Can you believe that in the midst of hundreds of children at Casa I often feel isolated and alone? I know that happens when I have to make decisions that only I can make. I need his love so much in those times.

  • To be protected when afraid. I have been robbed 5 times at gunpoint. I have buried 31 children. I have seen the finances dip. Honestly those times made me fearful. I need to feel His protective arms around me.
  • I need to be fed when hungry. There have been times when I need to taste His Word for a specific need. Without hunger for God we do not eat of the blessings.
  • To be taught when confused. As I type this I am awaiting a government inspection. I am not certain what they want or how it will affect Casa but I do know that I can only walk through this darkness by using His light.
  • To be encouraged when downhearted. No one knows what it is like to bury multiple children unless they have had that horrible experience. Your heart hits rock bottom. You can only survive if He intervenes.
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