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Meredith did a fabulous job o organizing and cooking for all of the children and staff. Dottie wanted to surprise me so she fixed a complete Thanksgiving meal and 13 of the children came uo and ate with me in my living room.

More wisdom from General Powell.

  1. You cannot make someone else’s choices and they cannot make yours. Just today Billy asked me a question as to what to do. My advice was he would have to deal with it in prayer. I could not tell him what to do. You need to rely on prayer and Bible reading.
  2. Remain calm and be kind. I have been a firecracker for most of my life so when a visitor arrived recently who had been at Casa many times said to me “You seem so much calmer” I was so blessed.
  3. Have a vision. God says that we will perish without a vision. You must look into the future as you make decisions. How will this affect you, your work, the children, etc.
  4. Don’t take counsel from your fears or from naysayers. I have stepped out not always in faith but sometimes in fear. I knew it was what God wanted me to do. Your fears will stop your blessings.
  5. Be optimistic! Do not be a gloomy Gus. Things do improve and once they do you will find that they strengthen you for the next step.


These twelve points explain to me why Colin Powell was such a great leader. He has given us sound advice to take it.

Colin Powell

A number of teams are here including Dr Hines. Their team is setting up new beds in the baby dorm.

There is a Penn team as well as 2 Louisiana. Blaine preached for me when I was in the hospital.

Meredith with her family from Texas will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for EVERYONE including the children.

Dottie has a team doing electrical work and another doing gardening. Other teams are painting. Everyone is working well together.

Jimmy, our grandson graduating. He is Alex and Sarah’s son.


The great General Collin Powell had suggestions of rules to live by that served him well in his service to our nation in the Gulf War.

  1. It ain’t as bad as you think, it will look better in the morning. There is no doubt that too often when we receive negative news we think it is the end. Whereas praying and then sleeping on the problem will make it totally different in the morning.
  2. Get mad then get over it. It is the festering anger that will kill your peace and joy.
  3. Avoid having your ego so close to your position in life that if you lose the position you will not lose your ego also. I am there! 28 years as Papi and soon I will be retired so to speak. I will lose my position but it will not change who I am deep inside.
  4. It can be done! I do not have enough space to list all the things that have happened to Casa over the years that people told me was impossible. We serve a God who meets needs and we should never doubt that.
  5. Be careful what you choose, you may get it. If we do not make choices God’s way(such as a spouse) there will be the devil to pay down the road.
  6. Don’t let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision. So many people never step out in fact because they worry about the cost or the time involved therefore they never get blessed by God.
  7. Share credit. I shudder when I hear people talk about all that Dottie and I have done. Casa was the idea of God, founded by God, funded by God and sustained by God.

Now that I AM OLD headed

The children came by dorms and I got to hug every child.

Having a physician on staff if great. She is cleaning my surgical area.


Carved into my new pulpit is Psalm 71:18 “Now also when I am old and grey-headed do not forsake me until I have showed thy strength unto this generation and thy power to everyone that is to come”. We are never too old.

When Jesus was presented in the temple two elderly folks, Simeon and Anna, were there to pray over him & she prophesized. In Luke 2:36-37 it says that Anna had a great age. Either she was 84 years old or widowed for 84 years but at any rate she was elderly.

The Bible said that she did not depart the temple. She was not a talebearer or an idler roaming from house to house. She stayed in the temple awaiting Jesus.

As an elderly woman she lived for the Lord and served others. She had purpose in her life. She did not let the death of her husband steal her life’s usefulness.

She did not keep the good news to herself. She was telling the good news. Age is no excuse for her widowhood at an early age. What is it like to be aged and still serving God?
I hope all of us can find out!


I cannot complain. The surgery went extremely well. It hurts but it is not anything like the first surgery. Thank you so much for all of the prayers.

I am very proud of Minor as he is turning in his thesis. Tis is the child that was diagnosed as mentally retarded when a baby.


Well the surgery is scheduled for early Saturday morning so I will not be writing an update for a few days. Just keep praying for me that I can recover quickly. I will send this one early.


Flavel wrote, “They that know God will be humble; they that know themselves cannot be proud”.

As I approach the surgery on my back for a second time it is imperative that I consider my age and the condition of my body. God has blessed me with a long live and I actually have had excellent health over these nearly 75 years. The first surgery on my back was the only surgery I had had since tonsillitis when I was a child.

Age gets us to contemplate what we have done, are doing and will do. There are always going to be regrets. I suppose the greatest regrets I have are those associated with how I have treated people. There are so many instances of which I wish I could redo. Harming others with my words is my greatest regrets. Once words go out from my mouth the damage is done.

As I enter surgery Saturday morning I ask that everyone I have offended would forgive me.

As Flavel said above I really have nothing to be proud about within myself. All that I am and everything that has been accomplished at Casa over the 28 years has been the work of God. I am not talented or gifted. I am but an instrument that God uses for His own glory. We all are but tools welded by God to accomplish His will. Nothing else in life will really matters.


Well, I will rest up tonight and early Saturday morning will be the surgery. I am ready for the pain continues to worsen.

Josue is getting his office together as he is taking all of Tony’s responsibilities along with Minor who will assist him.

Dottie and I are to be at the hospital at 8pm and the surgery early the next day.

The courts are sending so many children home that Walt & Randi only have 11 boys in their dorm.


Vashti was a queen with modesty and self-respect. She refused to yield to the evil demands of her husband. Often times women believe that to submit to a husband is absolute but Vashti teaches us that submitting to sin is not God’s way.

Xerxes wanted to show her off in an immoral way. She refused. This took an amazing amount of courage. She sacrificed a kingdom rather than subjugate herself to sin. Since her disobedience was public the king had Vashti removed as queen.

She went from rage to riches; from honor to dishonor and was made an example to all husbands that their wives would pay a high cost for embarrassing them. The Bible says that when Xerxes awakened from his drunkenness he missed her but he had already made the decision. He lost the best thing he had. Many people in divorce wake up too late and see what they have lost.

Vashti refused to go along with the crowd. Her character was more important to her than her riches and prestige. She refused to cave in to peer pressure. What is amazing to me is she made no appeal to her husband to “take her back”.

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