Candy will return to Casa tomorrow so we are all so very pleased, blessed and excited to see her. She and Lee have held it together in the most difficult of circumstances. Their life scripture is Romans 8:28 and they have truly lived it the last few months.

Our doctor checked Sebastian’s father who is demonstrating symptoms of diabetes. His feet are showing the symptoms.

Gretchen is back so we are blessed.

Dottie had her pre-surgery work up today & is ready for Thursday morning. She would appreciate your prayers


Galatians 6:14, “But God forbid that I should glory, except in the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ”.

There are people who glory in riches. Their world is centered around income and possessions. It is all about belonging to the upper crust financially. It is the size of their house and the number & type of their vehicles. It is about savings accounts & investments.

Others glory in wisdom. Honestly there are those who want the world to know how intelligent they are and how well thet can explain complicated things. Some of them are atheists & want to explain away the Creation, Virgin Birth, Cross and so forth. It is about their influence in universities and the like.

Then we have those who glory in power. They have a “look at who I am” personality. There is a link many times with power, wisdom and wealth.

But we glory in the Cross Paul said. A cut-up tree upon which Jesus Christ died for me! That is sufficient! The Cross is all we need. It is the only thing that is eternal. We either accept it or reject it and that choice determines our eternal destination.


Every time there are demonstrations against the government I think of the people who have to get to hospitals & other critical appointments. Highway blockades do nothing to harm the government. They just hurt the average citizen.

The children began end-of-the-semester tests today. Dottie needs surgery in only her right eye. PTL!

The Alabama team took the dialysis children swimming & got caught in all the traffic.

I began a series of teachings on sex, marriage & morality for the teenagers. Boys tonight and girls tomorrow!


Vladimir Zenchenkov was a clerk in Russia in 1947 when he got drunk and lost 400 ration cards belonging to his superiors. His wife was sure he would be put to death so she told him to hide. For 22 years he hid in a secret room within his home. When his wife died to went to the police to turn himself in.

Like so many people Vladimir ran and hid rather than facing his problems. We never get victory over our problems by running. Jesus faced every problem and as the church grew following the crucifixion the people of God learned how to face their problems. The church grew because men and women refused to hide from their enemies.

They had confidence that Christ would be there for them through His Holy Spirit and because of that the church grew and here we are today. If those early believers had run and hid you and I would never have heard the Gospel.

When Vladimir went to the police he discovered that the ration cards had been found in his desk the very day he ran and hid. He feared for nothing and lost a great portion of his life and freedom.

Face your problems with Christ by your side.

God is in control

We left at 6am for an 8am eye appointment for Dottie & left the doctor’s office at 6:15pm & got home at 7:30pm making it an 13 hour day. The surgery will be Thursday. All cities will blockade highways Tuesday in protest against the President. So the doctor asked if I would clean Dottie’s eyes before the surgery.

A bus hit us on the way home from the doctor.


All of us as Christians need to realize that God is in control. Most of us know that but do we act as though we do? If we believe He is in control then we will not fear danger. Terrorism and crime are skyrocketing but our Father is in control. David wrote that it matters not how many fall on our right and left hands He is still with us. There is no depth of danger that we will ever experience where we are alone.

We will not be afraid to suffer either. If God is in control then my suffering has a purpose. When Genesis was ill and needed a kidney transplant it shook me up. She did so well and therefore we took another child, Antoni, who had kidney disease and he died. Broke my heart! But through the suffering we realized that we could help so many other ill children and bring them to Christ.

Finally, if God is in control, we are not afraid to trust Him. I certainly do not understand everything neither do I see clearly many times but I do trust Him. Things do not always seem as though they are where we want them to be but He knows how to provide for us His way. I have to trust Him when I fear and when I suffer and when I do not understand.


Dottie has her eye appointment Monday to determine when the surgeries will be.

I preached today out of II Samuel 16 on a scripture I have never preached & have never heard preached.


I read this somewhere back in the early 1980s. Satan provides the test. You perform your best and God will do the rest.

Everyone is tempted by Satan. The Bible says it is common to all men. Satan will use your mind, desires for sexual gratification, fame, financial lust and other areas which truly are just common attacks.

But God is faithful to see you through it if you do your best. Resist the devil! Do not play with fire. Get away from those who would bring you down. It is not a game. The Mayans played a type of handball but not using hands. They used their feet & any other part of their bodies to put a ball through a raised hoop. The loser was put to death. That is how Satan plays this game for your soul.

But God makes a way of escape if we are serious and avoid as best we can the wiles of the devil. Satan brings testings, temptations, troubles and trials but e can keep working, praying, praising, trusting and believing God’s Word. He will deliver us.

Who I am

We baptized 30 teenagers & children. Gladys baptized the girls & Ezdras the boys.

I have had weight trouble so had a complete liver workup today & waiting for the results.

Calixto with Donald & Lori–his parents

I Corinthians 15:10, “By the grace of God I am who I am”. This has been one of my top ten verses because I remember the day it became real to me nearly 55 years ago. I was driving to New Orleans for a business meeting and heard that scripture on the radio. It just hit my arrow like a bullet. I was suddenly pierced by the truth that God had made me just as He desired. I was who He wanted me to be: male, Caucasian, American, Cajun, special education teacher, etc.

Without this truth I could never have reached the place I now occupy. My experiences as a child & teenager prepared me for working with the children in Guatemala. I reached a plateau that I never would have reached had it not been for my background.

God’s compassion on me has been beyond measure. I could have been born in deepest Asia or into total poverty or into an abusive home. But being who I ma means I have learned how to depend on Christ. Lafayette and Lake Charles prepared me for living by faith. Dottie’s father prepared me for living in Christ. Dottie prepared me for living in a godly family.

My life has been fulfilled because He made me who I am.


I worked on lessons on relationships for the teens as well as continuing to hold marriage counseling classes each Monday evening.
Dottie & I walked through the Casa Para Antoni to pray & make notes of what needs to be done since we have teams coming Saturday & then often after that throughout the summer.

Calixto, adopted to the USA, graduated from high school in Lake Charles last night.

Granddaughter, Isabella, receiving the Hug-Bug award

There are many Christians but few disciples. Many Christians receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and that is the end. They do not live an overcoming Christian life. Fire insurance (against hell) is all they have.

If we are disciples our words should be true. We should always say what we mean and mean what we say. We should be giving good reports to those around us. The world is so negative that good news is rare.

We should be fearless if we are disciples of Jesus. 11 of the 12 disciples were martyred for their faith. They spoke the truth and truly the truth did set them free. They were able to leave this world realizing they had been faithful and finished the course God had set before them. Your faith does set you free. You are able to live unashamedly unto the Lord.

Paul knew that there was pain & persecution at every turn. But he steadfastly continued to suffer but continue to minister. Things do not always go our way & that only serves to make us depend more on the Lord and His Holy Spirit. We will not be crucified by the world but self-crucifixion is needed. The luts of the flesh and even our non-sinful desires need to be nailed to the cross in order for us to finish the course.

Each night Dottie and I pray that we will finish the race God has placed before us. We want to run through the tape and make a difference. I believe that being a Christian and not making a difference is so very sad. A wasted life!


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