His face

Due to the shooting at the hospital both the release of Jose’s body & the liver test for Anthony have been delayed. So with the delay they will embalm Jose’ which is unusual.

Walt & Randi returned from the states. Larry & Sue are happy!

Outside our door this morning

The face of Jesus is an awesome study. Luke 9:51, “He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem”. Jesus came for a purpose. His entire life was focused on the cross. Nothing would stop Him from that purpose. A steadfast face!

Matthew 26:39, “He went a little further and fell on His face and prayed”. Sometimes He lifted His head towards heaven and other times He fell on His face to pray. Prayer was the cornerstone of His ministry. His communication with His Father was the most important thing to Jesus. A prayerful face!

Matthew 26:67, “They spit in His face”. He had a persecuted face. Man deserved death but not Jesus. But He accepted the persecution because He loved us and was determined to provide a way of salvation. A persecuted face!

Revelations 22:4, “And they shall see His face and His name shall be in their forehead”. Jesus deserves all the glory and honor that we can ever give to Him. I have three children of Dottie & mine who passed away as well as many other Christians that I long to see in heaven. But the One whom I want to honor is Jesus and to gaze upon His face. An honored face!

We all mess up

Jose’ died during the night. He is with Jesus. One of our children who was adopted to the US died last week so it is doubly painful.

Dottie’s eye examination for macular degeneration showed improvement.

There was a shooting at the hospital Jose’ was in & 7 were killed. Four gang members were captured!

Gretchen is in the states & Brandi leaves this weekend.



To make the right choices you must first ask God for wisdom. (James 1:5-8) All godly wisdom comes from above. If you do not ask until you are in a bind then you have make a grace error. Secondly, seek godly counsel. (Proverbs 11:14). Surround yourself with people who love you, hear God and are not afraid to tell you the truth.

Thirdly, read the Word and get directions. It is foolish to travel this life without God’s road map.

What if you messed up? Do what Lot did and obey. He left Sodom. Do what Peter did. He repented and began to serve. Third do what Paul did. He accepted forgiveness and began to live for Christ.

We all will mess up. We all fall short. But if we are serious about used of God there are ample illustrations in the Bible of those who made a mess of things but got it together and lived a fruitful and satisfying life.

He knows His business

I want to thank all the teams for their cooperation throughout the summer. Sending your money to Lake Charles and allowing us to transfer it to Guatemala saved you from carrying cash down to Casa. I believe that it worked out better than ever before. Thank you.

Mike & Jessica arrived. She is on our board & will be here a few days.

Sebastian went directly to court today because we have a child that the judge is just not helping us with. We are running out of options but Sebastian has a plan.


The story is told of a little child who was talking to his teacher about a flower vine that was blooming on a near-by fence. “How does it know how high to grow before it blooms?” the child asked.

The teacher explained that God had made the plant that way. They talked about other flowers that bloomed when tall and those that bloom while short stemmed. Finally the little boy said, “I guess God knows His business”.

The little boys words are filled with wisdom. God does know His business and He tells the flowers when to bloom. There is a great difference between us and plants. God has given you and I the power to think for ourselves. He has allowed us the freedom of choice.

But God will guide us if we let Him. The trouble is we think we know better than He does what is best for us. Too often we are not willing to admit that “God knows His business”.


The Korean team stayed busy all day with medical checkups including dentists & internists, etc. They also had VBS type activities. It was a good day.

Dottie & I began buying the basic foods for the month we will be gone. We leave in 3 weeks.

Michelle has not been feeling very well the last month.

Karina, one of our former children at Casa, will supervise the girl’s dorm until we have someone permanent.

Today & tomorrow are holidays in the city so Dottie’s eye exams will be on Wednesday.

Please remember to pray for two sets of dorm parents: the baby dorm & the little girls.

Chad & Abbey came & shared their vision with me and it is awesome. They will live near to Casa & minister to teenagers and young adults in the surrounding area. They will also have out- reaches in the community & Bible studies in their home. It will be a blessing to the community.


Lot, the nephew of Abraham, made extremely bad choices causing a kidnapping, a war, death of his wife & incest with his daughters. We can learn a lot by the choice Biblical characters make. From Moses we learn obedience.

From Abraham we learn the importance of faith. From Joseph we learn how God cares for us. From Job we learn the importance of patience and faith in times of adversity. We also learn from Lot. We learn the importance of daily choices.

There are four choices than affect our lives. First, there is the choice of Jesus. If we choose salvation it will determine our eternal destiny & the decisions we make daily. Secondly, there is the choice of career that will determine my future happiness & money-making ability.

Third, there is the choice of our spouse that will affect my emotional well-being and the well being of my children. Finally, there is the choice of friends. How do we make the right choices? Stay tuned.


Billy who was raised at Casa & left a few years ago runs from Peronia which is over 15 miles from here to attend church with us on Sundays.

The NY team took the university students on a special outing.


Ted Springer, a former professional baseball umpire once made the comment, “Life is a lot like a baseball game. It has its start and its excitement, its lively and its dull moments, and it has its finish. Sometimes a game is called off unexpectedly because of a sudden storm. Sometimes it lasts the normal nine innings and sometimes it runs a little extra, but every game comes to an end.”

Death is a door into eternity. All of us will pass through it. It may be something we are expecting or something we are not expecting. Jesus will not desert us at death. He will welcome us.

As I watched Jose’ yesterday I looked at his swollen coma-like body with tubes all over him & I thought, “How marvelous is our God. This child is also a child of God and death will have no victory”. The truth is the devil always things he wins at death. But when a Christian dies Satan has lost still another battle.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dottie did something today that she very seldom does. She rested! She tended to Michelle at 6am but afterwards returned to our room to rest.

The teenage boys went up the mountain & it was a blessed day for them.

The NY team had games, carnival & shirt painting with the girls & the younger boys so it was a busy Saturday.

The boys

Matthew 6:34 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own”. Live one day at a time’, trusting God.

We cannot control tomorrow. We worry about what “may” or “could” happen in the future. Fear operates with great intensity in people who are looking ahead to what could happen.

There is enough trouble for today. If I could accomplish everything on my plate today I would be superman. With hundreds of children here I have so much to plan and accomplish. Also spending quality time with your family must be done today. There will be hundreds of spouses who kissed their mates goodbye this morning and yet will never see them again. Live for today!

Today will never come back. When I look at the past or the future I miss the only time I have to spend today. We, as Christians, must make the most of what we have. When I worry I miss the opportunity to work today. Express your love to family and friends today as this could be the last day that you will have to do that.

Live one day at a time. God knows what you are capable of accomplishing so just stay busy. Occupy until He comes! If you look backwards or forwards you miss the glorious blessings of the present.

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