Questions #2

One of the Las Cometa’s boys fell and pushed a tooth into his palate. Being Saturday evening there was no dentist office still open. Josue’ made some calls & found a dentist who met Walt & Josue’ at his office and hopefully the tooth is saved.

Teams from Georgia & Pennsylvania arrived.

Marlyn Estefani is pregnant so Dottie & I will be grandparents again.

Children receiving trophies

Sixth, Will I think only positive thoughts? My mind has a terrible tendency to lean towards negativism. I worry and think negatively when walking through a fire. Even when I have no idea what is happening. For instance, I get a call about having an appointment with CNA, Human Rights, Police or some other government agency and I think “Oh, Oh, What do they want?” rather than think it is a positive meeting.

Seventh, Will I forget the destructive things of the past? My past has many potholes and errors. I messed up an awful lot in the past concerning children at Casa, my own adopted children as well as with staff and visitors. Can I forget those errors and move forward?

Eighth, Will I set goals and work on them daily? As I prepare for the final transition can I stay the course and move towards the final baton passing. It will be many decades that I have been in control so can I relinquish the reins and let those God has called to take over?

Ninth, Will I smile more? I know that this sounds silly but in truth Christians need to smile more. So many children of God look like they drink only sour grape juice. A smile can change most any situation.

Tenth, Will I let fear stop me? I will not lie! I am sorta fearful about letting go on July 11, 2018. It will indicate my life is coming towards the finish line. It means I allow someone else to take what God has built using me and letting go. It means I will not be as useful.

Questions #1

Lily has been working with the children on athletic participation. The mayor of San Bartolome’ & others donated trophies & medals for 36 children & they were presented today. They also will receive a special day at a water park near Esquintla. It was a great day for them & I congratulate Lily for all of her hard work.

Today was Father’s Day in Guatemala & the kids were so kind. They gave everything from shirts to vitamins to drawings to a cake and one dorm even gave money to help with the bills. I am a blessed Daddy.


Bedroom & bathroom in Las Cometas addition


Turner asks a number of questions that are so good for us as Christians as well as spouses. First, Will I acknowledge Jesus in my daily life? It is truly a family tragedy when families only pick up a Bible or speak about Jesus on Sundays. Families that spend time in the Word and pray together will have far less conflicts.

Second, Will I honor God in all that I do? As a Christian father and husband it is imperative that I place God above everything else. When I speak to my children or play with them I need to honor God with words and actions. Does the way I treat Dottie honor God?

Third, Will I worry? This is placed high on the list because I know fro personal experience that worry is not only a sin it is crippling to a church, family or individual. Worry means I am not trusting and if I lose my faith and cannot believe for my family then destruction lies near by.

Fourth, Will I go to bed mad? I do not believe anyone is more emotional than I am. Anger will cause tossing and turning and does absolutely nothing to help the situation you are walking through.

Fifthly, Will I be patient in all works? It appears that Turner’s list was written for me. Along with being worrying, and sometimes angry I struggle with impatience. I want answers and I want them now! Unfortunantly the answers do not always come quickly. Things do not change as quickly as we desire.

A wedding

While the physical labor was being done there was a spiritual emphasis all week by The Woodlands team especially for the teenage girls. It culminated last night with a skit on Spiritual gifts and how to find your gifts. Next week we will have a VBS for the children.

Ezdras is in the states but he is not raising money for Casa. He wants to get a bus for his music teams.

Tiling Walt and Randi’s dorm for little boys.John 2:1-2 “And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there: And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage”.

This was a bride and groom who wanted Jesus present at the wedding. We will have two marriages this year with Angelica & Vanessa marrying Minor and Josue’ respectfully. My desire is that Jesus is present as we perform the ceremonies & that both couples will invite Jesus into their homes every day from that day on.

The bride and groom needed the presence of Jesus. I have discovered that I need Jesus everyday of my life. I need Him when I pray and when I make decisions. Without His presence I stray away from my calling as a husband and a father. You cannot be successful in those roles without Jesus walking with you.

The bride and groom were blessed by the presence of Jesus. They ran out of wine and Jesus met their need. Whatever our needs are in our marriages Jesus wants to provide. Everyday I have needs that only Christ can meet. Wine is a symbol of joy and happiness. This is the point of using wine in this story. We cannot have joy in our marriage consistently without Jesus being invited in. Dottie and I work hard at joy. In fact, she told me that even though she had more handsome and smart boyfriends she married me because I make her laugh.


Gretchen, who has been wonderful, will be returning to Louisiana permanently in August so she is preparing Oscar to fill her position. He will be in charge of construction and maintenance and this is another step in the transition.

The teams have made such a difference. The baby dorm upstairs & downstairs; bathrooms in Estelitas; painting & installation of windows in Las Cometas; work in Alex’s dorm & Josue’s apartment.


“And I say unto you, ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Luke 11:9.

You and I should ask God when we are in need. I am always amazed at regardless of how much I know I still sometimes resort to my own solution to problems. There are needs everyday and yet I oftentimes try to come up with a solution before I go to God in prayer. I know when my children at Casa need shoes but having them come to me and say “Papi, I need a new pair of shoes” thrills me as they believe I will answer their request. That is what our Father wants of us.

God wants us to seek what is productive in life. Sadly every direction I look I see people who are wasting their lives on things that will never produce what they want or need. You and I will give an account to God of what we have done for Him as we walked through this life.

Finally God desires that we knock on the doors of opportunity. We have not because we ask not! The entire world is before us and we settle for so little. There is a reason many people accomplish next to nothing. They never knock on the opportunity door. They cannot see what is right before them and that is the opportunity to make a difference. My heart aches for people I know who could have done great things for God but never knocked on that door of opportunity.


A couple gave me money to build a church & it made me realize that maybe you thought we were no longer building churches but we finished 2 this year & will finish 3 more by December. It is a wonderful way for you to invest in a harvest of souls. Less than $10,000 to build a church!

A 6.6 earthquake hit in San Marcos and our kids were running out of dorms everywhere at 1am. Our buildings shook but no major damage so we are blessed. There was one death & many critically injured in San Marcos.


When I was running dashes and relays in track and field I also ran hurdles. One night crossing a hurdle my knee plowed into it. Of course, I lost and for a while thought I would just concentrate on dashes and relays.

But then I read about Thomas Edison who had 1094 patents. He was an unbelievable inventor and once he said “I never failed. I just found 10,00 ways it did not work.” That inspired me to continue running the hurdles. My junior and senior years I qualified for the state championships and although I did not win I knew I had accomplished the goal of getting there.

Paul writes that we, Christians, are running a race. This race gives us bruises and bumps and the desire to quit is ever present. Getting tired and being smashed under many demonic attacks and failures we have a decision. We can quit or we can get back on the track.

Even if we limp across the finish line as I did that day I hurt my knee we will have won in the race against Satan. His purpose is to get us off the track for good. There is a finish line that the Word speaks us. You do not have to finish first. You simply have to finish. Keep trying!


The head of the National Police was arrested today for lying to officials over what happened at the home that burned.

Chad has a karate teacher coming & working with his children in Los Angelitos. He is teaching them self-discipline & self-control.

A team from Virginia arrived last night. Today a Tennessee team arrived.

Margoth finished 3rd in literary competion for the state.

Bob & his class made this cross for a special presentation

In “Nuggets of God” ,Wildmon writes of friendship. The older I get the more I realize how much we miss when we do not have many friends. Although I see hundreds of visitors a year and have a large staff I am not what you would call a ‘friendly’ guy.

Friendships have never come easy for me. I would probably have made a good mountain man living isolated in the wilds of Alaska. I do not know what caused me to be like I am.

Friendship requires appreciation, sacrifice and a huge amount of love. Friendship is that inspiration that comes to you when you realize that someone believe in you and is praying for your success. The friends that I do have I cherish. Knowing that someone cares is possibly the greatest single feeling any human being experiences.

Someone has said that friend are those who comes in when everyone else goes out. Jesus was like that. He is not only our Savior but He is our Friend. He is there when we win and when we lose. He is there when we are kind and when we are rude. He sticks! He never lets go.

I am grateful for the friends that I do have. I only wish that I would have taken more time on my life’s journey to cultivate more friends.

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