Visit the Prisoners

Amalia, our cook, has been with us for over 20 years. Today she was very ill due to high blood pressure & diabetes. We are awaiting the results of her examinations.

We had a couple of folks offer to sponsor a child in university or in dialysis. To be clear I want you to know that this will NOT go to the child. This is to help with their expenses.

Some of our men and boys began taking our cabinets & sheetrock from one of the apartments so that we can use it for any new staff members who come. This is my step of faith that God is sending us new staff.

I made a month of radio shows for KAJN.

Our first girl in 1989 who first called me Papi is Angelina our bilinguel secretary.

The 6th command of Jesus is for us to visit those in prison. It is easier to say that they deserve what they got but no one in their right mind would want God to give us what we deserve. Even Paul went to prison and 11 of the 12 apostles were killed as enemies of the state.

We never know why a person did what they did and truly there are many who don’t know why they themselves did what they did. Jesus says we are to forgive 70 times 7 times. That means we give them a second chance and then a third and so on.

I was raised in a small southern town in Louisiana and attended a school where there were no drugs and little alcohol. I stayed busy with athletics and girlfriends and my friends. But I cannot tell you what I would have done had I lived in an era of drugs, pornography, gangs and filthy movies, books, music & TV. Would I have the life I have now had my circumstances been different?

My pastor, Melvin, visits a number of prisons weekly! Yes, weekly! He speaks of God’s love and has seen many men changed. The greatest prison is the prison of our minds and until we can help those prisoners we are not doing what we were called to do.

Visit the Sick

Sebastian had a meeting with CNA about the home where the fire occurred and 42 girls died.

Josue’ worked on the educational enrollments for the university students and the monthly costs for tuition and expenses. Oscar worked on hospital, Cometas & the apartment in the blue building costs.

The dollar fell to 7.23. This is affecting our income dramatically.

Something that would really help is if someone sponsored a university student(partially) or a child in dialysis. Only one child in dialysis has a sponsor. We are good stewards of His money & are looking for solutions.

Analy has done an excellant job with the many responsibilities of social worker.


The fifth item Jesus speaks of in Matthew 25 was visiting the sick. We live in the world of illness. The world has not gotten better physically. Illness, aging and death meet us everywhere. People who are sick they are vulnerable.

Our children with renal disease suffer much more than physically. Medicine and dialysis are important but they need more than that. They need the presence of Christians who love them. Jesus touched lepers when everyone else ran from them.

When Jesus was suffering with every illness known to man as He hung on the cross Mary never abandoned Him. Do we stand with those who are physically ill? Do we stand with those whose heart is broken? So many people could use a visit from us.

Incredibly Mother Teresa ministered to 53,000 lepers in her lifetime. She also had 17,000 die within days of arriving who were not lepers. Just like Jesus was abandoned by His disciples except for John and yet His mother stayed! Do you forget the aged, the shut-ins and the critically ill? So many need you to care.

Heart sickness is prevalent in these world. Will they find a place in your heart?

Provide for the Homeless

Antoni, son of Bubba and Sandra, will have surgery Thursday so please be in prayer for him.

Dottie took a hearing test and does have a moderate hearing loss. I thought she was just ignoring me. They will decide May 22nd as to when she will have the cataract surgery on each eye. So her senses are failing! Joking!

I wrote the check for the industrial washer/dryer. It is $20,000. But God has always been faithful.

Graduation has been moved to November 10th & this includes quinceaneras.

Dorcas, another Casa child, is the accountant and handles all checks, etc.

The 4th area that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25 was providing for the homeless. In 3rd world countries people without homes is common and even in the USA and other well-off countries have the homeless.

Can you imagine being unwanted, rejected, not belonging, unloved, unwanted not needed? Too many physical homes are homeless as the people in them have no peace of mind, warmth and acceptance. Just folks passing in the night!

They live without love, divorced, separated, unwelcomed and unprotected. Homeless is also when you have no one who allows you live in their heart. It is everywhere. Throwaway children are the norm in the USA as 50% of children are children of the unwed or the divorced. These children live without love and respect. Soon forgotten!

Remember the prodigal son? His father was the exception as he always had a home physically as well as emotionally for his son. The mantra in the world today is Abortion not Adoption. Just kill the problem. We live in a world of throwaways. This made Mother Teresa so special as she opened the door to everyone.

To minister to the homeless is to feel their pain and do something about it. But can I ask you this? Has Jesus found a home in your heart?

Clothing the Naked

The Christmas phot was finished in less than 30 minutes. Getting 500 people still for that time is a chore.

Our land paperwork was filed with the judge today so in 5 weeks we should have all of our land in Santiago registered as two pieces of property instead of 9. That will make paying taxes much easier.

Alex, our son, is sub-director and dorm father to the older boys

Feed the hungry, give water to those who thirst and then Jesus says Clothe the Naked. What is He referring to? Obviously there are many people who have little clothing. We have children who arrive at our gate with only the clothes on their back and usually we have to burn them. So, of course, He is referring to literal clothing on the backs of the poor.

But I believe He is also referring to clothing people with dignity. One of the greatest needs in the world is to be accepted and loved. Children here at Casa may be here for years and say to me 15 years later, “Why did my mother not want me? What is wrong with me?”

It can also be that nakedness refers to a loss of purity, virginity and self-worth. He created us for more than premarital sex, stripping, bikinis and divorce. Take away a person’s dignity and they are destroyed. We see that in the horrible child pornography and sex trafficking.

God is saying that we are to treat the opposite sex with respect & kindness. We should never humiliate anyone the way that Jesus was humiliated as He hung on the cross totally nude and exposed to every taunt and ugliness imaginable to mankind.

He chose to be like us and not come to earth as a king to live in a palace. He chose the lowly position and if we are to be like Him we must do likewise.

Mother Teresa

We will take the Christmas foto Tuesday morning.

Our soybean milk for the children has been expanded and we are providing milk for 300 children in the school in San Bartolome’.

We need a person who can live in the dialysis dorm to help Aroldo.

We also need a couple that can be house parents with girls who are 9-12 years of age. Pray with us that the Lord will meet those needs. Brandi is willing to help us but I sure would like the little girls to have a dad & a mom.

Pastor Carlos Achupol’s new home

Mother Teresa is a heroine to me. George Mueller is my number 1 but she is #2. She was a living Bible. She was a reflection of God’s mercy and a living example of what all Christians should be.

I need mercy every day and that is why Lamentations says that God’s mercy is new every day and that is because we all need mercy daily. But mercy is not any good if it is only moving the inner man. It must move the outer man to want to make a difference in the world.

On the inside we are moved with compassion and on the outside we begin to move towards helping others. Mercy is love in action. In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about those who need mercy. First He begins with Feeding the Hungry. People not only hunger for food they hunger for love also. My children here at Casa hunger for my attention and recognition of them.


Before Jesus preached to the 5000 He fed them. You and I cannot save the world with words or sermons. We can only make a difference with actions. Mother Teresa said that “What I can do you may not be able to do but what you do I may not be able to do”. Nothing speaks of Casa more then that statement for it explains why I need you.

Hunger for food is what my children have but more so they have a hunger to be loved, recognized and accepted. You help us accomplish that.

Hungry and Thirsty

Dottie fixed ham with the trimmings for lunch then we handed out the money to the children from their sponsors.

I asked the discipleship team to present the Lord’s Supper in the evening. A number of teens got saved.

I do not think I mentioned it but Adam & Chad did repair the water problem.

We have a new little boy, Alex, in dialysis so that fills all the beds in the current dialysis building.

Orlando is the official photographer for Casa

Ther are over one billion people in the world who are poor; 400 million are malnourished and 40,000 childre die of hunger every day!

Not only does Jesus tell us to feed the hungry but He also said we are to give drink to the thirsty. On the cross Jesus said, “I thirst” and I do not want to over spiritualize the saying. But although I know He was physically thirsty I believe that He was thirsty for His home with His Father.

I feel that within the heart of every man is a desire for home even though they may not believe in God. There is a thirst in humans that says this cannot be all there is to life. There must be something beyond these physical bodies.

People thirst for our love and thirst for acceptance. God still loves the world and now He loves the world through us. If we do not demonstrate His love how will they know what He has done for them. Matthew 25:35 says, “I was thirsty and you gave me drink”. How is that possible? Well, each glass of milk my children drink because of your financial help is a glass given to Jesus.

Thirst for liquids is our greatest thirst even more than hunger or sex. For us to meet the needs in the lives of others is the manner in which you satisfy the love of God for the world.

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