There were 11 authorities who came today. 3 from CNA, 3 from the Procurduria for the nation, 2 from Catholic Charities & 3 physicians! Their idea is that all children need to be with their parents. It is sad but God will intervene. One thing they wanted to know is where do the finances come from.

A grandson, my namesake, has been suffering from a rheumatic heart. This is so serious and I beg your prayers for him.

The seniors praying with Professor ByronWhen we come to Jesus He promises in Matthew 11:28-20 that He will invite us if we are weary and also an invitation to find rest for ourselves.

First there is rest for our physical body (v 28) Jesus knew what labor was. He was a carpenter. He called fishermen, shepherds and farmers. He offers you and me His strength. We find strength in worship. We are refreshed and strengthened when we praise and worship in His presence.

Second there is a rest for our emotions (v 28). Worry makes me tired. Worry robs me of energy. Worry affects me physically, emotionally and spiritually. We must cast our cares on Him (I Peter 5:7). He gives peace to our worried bodies (John 14:27). His peace will guard our hearts (Philippians 4:6-8). His grace is sufficient for all our needs (II Corinthians 12:9).

Third there is a rest for our spirit man. (v 29). “You shall find peace for your soul”. When we come to Jesus He works on our inner man. Spiritual activity can be exhausting. Praying, praising, worshipping, reading and studying His Word will wear you out. You need refreshing.

Quit trying to be spiritually perfect. It is not your works. It is about your resting in Jesus.

He is Love

My time with our Lord this morning was a time of humility.  A time to give Him thanks for His faithfulness.  He is all I ever need, and I cannot live without His love.  Every breath I take is a reminder of how much I need Him and how blessed I am.  I received a quote by Amy Carmichael, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

How truthful is that?  It is so easy to pull out our wallet and give to a charity or a missionary yet have no love for him or her.  We can do “works” in the church or a feeding center, yet have no love for the people.  We can go a mission trip and “serve” yet have no love for those we serve.  We can sing or play in a praise band, and yet have no love for the people.  In fact, we can “do” all these things and yet have no love for Him.  Yet, when we love, we will give.  What is the difference?  Relationship.  When we love someone, we will give.  Give them time, forgiveness, resources, prayers, mercy, compassion, faith, hope and love.

Isn’t that what our Lord and Savior did for us?  He is the standard that we must follow.  When He was young, He loved His Father in heaven and was obedient to His parents here on earth.  During His ministry, he spent time with His people, forgave them of their sins, provided food, prayed for them.  He gave them mercy and compassion, faith, hope and love.  Then He gave us the greatest act of love.  He died for us.  He gave up His Spirit so we could be with Him.  Did His relationship with Him die on the cross?  No, He was raised from the dead so we could have life, eternal life.  Then, He gave us the Holy Spirit to be with us.  To teach us, convict us and guide us.  We are not alone.  He gave because He loves.  He is love.

Pablo returned and he read 1 John 4:7-21.  He talked to the boys about God’s love and our love.  He really connects with our boys so it is a blessing that the Lord allowed him to come back and share God’s love.

The Tennessee team came by and gave our dorm hand made pillowcases for our boys and brownies for our leaders.

It started raining hard, and just as quickly as it started, it stopped.  The boys were ready to go out and play.

The boys do not have a vigil tonight, so they will be relaxing and watching TV while enjoying popcorn.  They also behaved themselves in school and there were no reports or observations today.  Thank You, Lord.

All His,

Lee and Candy



The seniors presented a program on nutrition & health. The Director of Education for the state of Sacatepequez attended. Professor Byron did a great job & the students were very well prepared to speak publically. Billy has done an awesome job with the chool.

Professor Albert has been at Casa 15 years & when Jacobo & Tony graduate in November Albert will have presented them his diploma for kindergarten, Junior High & High school.

Our high school also participated in a basketball tournament.


Tony’s breakfast presentation

Savant says that there are 7 sacred virtues.

  1. Having HUMILITY instead of PRIDE. The humility to know that we are not alone in the world! Everything we do has an affect on someone else. The way I drive affects those on the road with me. The tone of voice affects the listeners.
  2. Having GENEROSITY instead of COVETOUNESS. The generosity to allow others to have what they deserve. I do not have to have the best or to be the best. I can spread the headlines with others.
  3. Having RESTRAINT instead of LUST. The restraint to control our most passionate impulses. Self-control! Not everything belongs to me.
  4. Having KINDNESS instead of Anger. The kindness to tolerate the mistakes of others. This is a tough one for me. Controlling my tongue and emotions has not been my strong suit.
  5. Having MODERATION instead of Gluttony. The moderation to satisfy ourselves with the necessities. This is not only referring to food. We can over do it on work, play, size, etc.
  6. Having CHARITY instead of ENVY. The charity to help others who cannot help themselves. You and I need to help others. It is as simple as that.
  7. Having DILIGENCE instead of SLOTH. Make yourself useful in this world. Laziness is a major sin.

He is Faithful

This morning Pablo held a devotional with the dorm.  I told the boys that it is a joy when a team comes here to feed you the Word.  Pizza and ice cream are good but that is only temporary.  God’s Word is eternal.  Food is good for the stomach, but being fed God’s word is good for the soul.

Two of our boys went to a court hearing this morning and came back before lunch.  This is the reason God gave Mike and Dottie this ministry.  To take care of His children.  Just like there will always be poor people in this world, there will always be children in need of love and shelter.  God has always provided for His children because He is faithful.  Even if we are faithless, He is faithful.  How can you not love the Lord?

One of the hardest things we try to teach our boys is to be obedient.  It is difficult, even for adults.  It is harder when you are an adult because you get set in your ways.  The age group of our boys is the right time to train them and help them understand the importance of obedience and that there are consequences for lack of obedience.  Our Lord said that we are blessed when we are obedient to God’s word.  Luke 11:28, “He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.'”  Which is the main reason we desire to have the boys in God’s word daily.  Unfortunately, in this world you can ask someone when was the last time they read God’s word and they will probably tell you, “On Sunday.”

That will tell you a lot about their relationship with the Lord.  Imagine if you only talked to your spouse or your children only one day a week?  What type of relationship it that?  God is worthy of more than just once a week.  Relationship is a daily walk with love, conversation, listening and doing.  Oh, let’s not forget patience and humility.  We plant and water, but we know that it is God who causes growth.  As parents, we desire to see fruit, but it is God’s timing and season.  “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  He is faithful.

All His,

Lee and Candy

Happiness in marriage

Two of our very best older girls were informed this morning their older brother & and uncle were shot to death by teens none of which were 18 years of age. They will attend the wake & the funeral. Foolish evil!

Josue’ & I met with the lawyer about the property unification.


Many marriages are filled with suspicion, defensiveness and withdrawal. How do we build trust? It is true that each spouse needs to be trustworthy? This means dependable in speech and action. No white lies!

First, be candid. Be open and honest with one another. Share where you fail and where you are suspicious. We are all human and that humanity will come forth and must be dealt with.

Second, pray. Pray together for your intimacy and deepening relationship. Fidelity in marriage is an area where Satan comes in all families. We are filled with choices and we must choose the high ground. Be honest and pray.

Third, discipline yourself. Both spouses must be strong and not allow any sexual stimuli to come into the home. Job said, “I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully upon a girl” (Job 31:1). Keep your eyes solely on your own spouse. Be careful with what enters your home through TV.

Fourth, cultivate intimacy. Marriage requires that we look after it. It is like a garden that when ignored will be overgrown and non-productive. Spend time alone. Take short trips together. I remember when we lived in Lake Charles we would go to a motel right there in town just to get 24 hours of quality time as husband and wife.

Intimacy is the ultimate conclusion of communication and communication is not very useful if you are two ships passing in the night or you are too busy to take time and smell the roses.


After so much negative news today I received great news but I cannot share it for a few weeks. But you will be blessed.

Nine teenagers turned 18 and they all went with Alex to the municipal offices to get their identification papers.

Larry & Sue arrived so Gretchen made breakfast for them as well as us.

When we read the writings of Paul there are truths that, if lived, can change our lives as well as circumstance.

  1. Show love when those around us are unlovable. It is easy to love those who love us but Jesus says that we are to even love our enemies.
  2. Having joy when those around us are discouraged and discontent. You cannot allow another person to drag you down. Your joy is in Christ not in what is happening around you.
  3. Exuding peace when those around you are anxious. Jesus is the Prince of Peace therefore our peace is based on our relationship with Him and not what is happening around us.
  4. Practicing patience when those around you are frantic. Waiting on God is based on Who He is and not on those around us.
  5. Reaching out in kindness when those around us are unkind and difficult to live with. We do not give and eye of an eye when we get saved. We do all that we can to live our faith.
  6. Shine with goodness when those around us are acting in evil. Sin is in this world but it need not be in us. We need to realize that God is good and He expects us to be good to those others who in our opinion do not deserve it.
  7. Standing in faithfulness when those around have no commitment. You can stand in faith even if you are in the midst of hundreds of doubters.
  8. Flowing with gentleness when those around you are harsh and cold. Gentleness is another of the great fruit of the Spirit. You do not have to be cruel to anyone. If you do not love those around you they will never want what you possess—Jesus.
  9. Demonstrating self-control when those around you have none. Character says that if everyone around me does evil I will still do good. A lack of self-control seems to be at every level of society world wide.
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