The Rock

Officially the earthquake was registered at 6.9 with 5 people killed.

With dorms being sponsored two dorms and the discipleship team were able to take excursions today.

Josue’ & Vanessa went to Poaquil because his family & members of the church wanted to pray over them for their marriage as well as for his ministry.

A team from Philadelphia arrived the other day.


What does I Corinthians 10:4 mean? They drank of the spiritual Rock and that Rock was Christ”. We do know the Rock, Jesus, is the Rock of Ages. Hebrews 13:8, “The same yesterday and today and for ever.”

Jesus is the Rock of Redemption. Psalm 89:26, “The Rock of my salvation”. People try drugs, sex, money, fame and possessions to find peace and they fall short. We are only redeemed when we accept Christ and find our peace in Him.

Second, Jesus is the Rock of Restoration. Psalm 40:2 “He brought me out of the horrible pit and set my feet upon a rock. Silver & gold cannot buy forgiveness. He has restored us from troubles, burdens, loneliness, worry and troubles. He is our hiding place. He restores us if we trust I Him.

Finally, Jesus is the Rock of Revelation. Psalm 61:2 “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” He is with us at home, school, work and play. We need not fear death. He will never leave us or forsake us. Revelation means that He will make things clear for us. He will enlighten tomorrow for us. We will live a purposeful life on earth.

Old folks

We have had a great summer as teams have been so generous and willing to work. The children have been loved on & so much maintenance & construction has taken place.

Dottie’s eyes are better & I am recovering well from the chronic intestinal infection. Today is the best I have felt in four weeks.

Even the heavy rain has not deterred the joy from the children as they have enjoyed the visitors.



A favorite scripture of mine is Psalm 71:9 “Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent”. This scripture becomes more real to me as each month passes.

We live in a youth oriented society. There does not seem to be much place for the folks who are in their golden age. We look so much to the outside. The young are physically more beautiful than us older folks.

What about the old man with a cane who spent his life providing for his children? And what about the elderly mother who worked like a slave to give and provide a home where the children felt love and had opportunities to make a life for them selves.

The older generation has worked, worried, slaved and sacrificed that the world would be a better place. Sadly now they are forgotten and unwanted. We older folks want our generation to be appreciated and not ignored.

Recently a team of men and women came to Casa and some of them were retired and a little feeble like I am. But they were here to minister and love on our children. I shudder to think what will happen to this world when the older generation is no longer with us.

Pray for, appreciate and honor the elderly please.

His personality

There was another earthquake registering 6.7 and only having an epicenter at kilometer 115 whereas we are at kilometer 36. This means 50 miles as the crow flies. There was major damage in Antigua & Esquintla but again we were blessed to having a few broken items but no children harmed & no major damage.

The weather for 4 days has been heavy rains so it has affected the visitors playing with the children.


Jesus had a personality and His personality should be shown forth in His followers. That is why we are called Christians. If we are Christians then we should live like Christ. II Corinthians 5:17, “When in Christ we are new people”. That means we have a new personality.

What are some characteristics of a Christian? First, we belong to Christ. We have a new head. We are no longer free to just happily go through life without caring for others.

Second, Christian love is shown in our lives. You and I should love EVERYONE. We should feed the hungry, care for widows and orphans, visit the sick and imprisoned and help those who need a boost.

Third, we feel Christian joy in serving the Lord. It is easy to go through the motions of “doing” and yet never really have joy in serving. We should never regret giving time or money to help others. It should give us great joy.

Fourth, we share in the Holy Spirit. All Christians have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Jesus went to heaven and said that He would send us the Holy Spirit to guide, lead and teach us all things. If we pay attention He will show us the way we are to walk.

Fifth, we show loving kindness to everyone. Jesus showed His love and gave opportunity to the least of humanity. You and I cannot decide whom we will love and who we will ignore. We cannot ignore anyone. Jesus said that the least shall be first so we should pay attention to all of God’s creation.

Hard or Soft?

The day was spent by Mike F and our staff looking at each individual’s responsibility with the internet/website. Then he finished by spending time with Dorcus, Sebastian, Josue’ & me looking at the finances. It was well worth the time for him to come visit us.

The VBS teams are having programs throughout the day nd into the night.



The Word of God hardens those who, through pride of love for sin, refuse to listen. It softens those who listen, believe and submit to it.

The Word hardens those like Pharaoh when he heard Moses and the Jewish leaders who were blinded and hardened by the ministry of Jesus. II Corinthians 2:14-17 says that the Gospel Paul preached was a stench of death to those who rejected it.

But the Word softens such as in the instance of David following his many sins and yet listened and repented at the words of Nathan. The word spoken to Job caused him to repent of his sinfulness and weakness. Likewise we see the multitudes led to Jesus by the Word spoken by the Apostles. The Word spoken by Paul was a fragrance of life to those who listened.

With Pharaoh, the Israelites and Jewish leaders the hardening began when they deliberately and defiantly rejected it. But it is an aroma of life to those who hear the Word listen, allow it to penetrate and then act on it.

The response of the hearer determines whether the Word becomes a hardening or softening agent in the life of the hearer.

Questions #4

Mike Ferguson arrived. He is helping with our financial reporting & the new network on website.

Dottie had another exam & her eyes are fine. She wants to thank all of you who pray for her.

Father’s Day

Sixteenth, Will I forgive daily those who have wronged me? Forgiveness is similar to loving your enemies. These are easy to preach on but difficult to do. I have always tried to forgive. Sometimes it has taken months and in 2 cases even took over a year to forgive someone. Aren’t you glad that God forgives immediately?

Seventeenth, Will I confess my sins daily? What I have found interesting over the years as a pastor to 5600 children is how little confession goes on. So many simply believe that they can walk in their sin without consequences but that is not true. Our eternal destination is settled when we accept Christ. Our sins are all forgiven. But just because you take a bath on Saturdays it does not mean you do not wash your hands before meals.

Eighteenth, Will I work hard each day on my goals? I have a job to do and that is to prepare the transition team to assume responsibility. I have found this too as hard as my daily routine. Praying daily for them is my main job now.

Nineteenth, Will I not quit? The easiest thing in the world to do is to quit when things are difficult. Every Christian needs to know if they will continue regardless of how hard things become. Each of us has things we need to accomplish and the devil is fighting against. But determination to continue is the characteristic that separates winners and losers.

Twentieth, Will I start living today? I like this question. At 74 I am not going to sit in an easy chair and could the hours. Each and every night I end my prayers with Dottie in this way: “Lord, allow Dottie and I not only to finish the race you have set before us but let us do it with strength and mental alertness.” There is no reason to quit. There is reason to live.

Questions #3

This week is vacation time for our school so we will have a VBS and I am praying & believing that souls will be saved & the children will be touched and feel the love of those who have come to teach them.

Katherine& Pamela began their practicum today in Chimaltenango.

We are finishing another church near Poaquil this coming week.

I went to a gastrointestinal specialist to see why this stomach infection continues.

Tile & ceiling almost complete

Eleventh, Will I daily renew my mind on things above? The question truly is “Will I read the Word daily?” Fathers need to read the Word. The world fills your mind with foolishness every day. It is critical that you balance the world with the Word so you will make correct decisions.

Twelfth, Will I pray daily for help? I do not know how fathers, husbands and family providers make good choices with time spent in prayer daily. I cannot imagine making life changing decisions and choices with the ones I love without time with Jesus. The Holy Spirit wants us to ask because He wants to answer and plan a route for our lives.

Thirteenth, Will I do all I can to follow the teaching of the Bible daily? It is not enough to read the Word. I must do the word. It is like reading a book on exercise and never getting out of your chair. You must do what you read or it is worth very little. Knowledge without action is useless.

Fourth, Will I take time for rest and relaxation? I believe that this is the most difficult for me of all I will list in the 20 points. Stopping is not easy for me. I was raised to get up early, work all day and go to bed. Those are good habits but now at 74 years of age the first two are getting more difficult.

Fifteenth, Will I practice love on a daily basis? We talk so much about love but we practice it so little. Oh, it is easy to love those who love you and are otherwise lovable. But loving your enemies is not as easy as preaching about loving your enemies. God expects us to love those who harm us, disagree with us and disagree with us.

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