The temptation to not believe it until you see it

Thursday is Dottie’s 74th birthday. I took her to lunch & she only wanted a day out.

When it rains! The water pump went out and the technicians say there is a 40% chance the water level is low. So we need more prayer! Your list of prayer needs for us must be long.

There was a demonstration at a high school where students were marching. A car ran though the crowd causing major damage & one student lost both legs & an arm. There was a photo of the police on their knees praying for the students.

Thank you for responding to our call for help for a couple in dialysis & other help for Aroldo. We have a plan & we will do all we can to accomplish it. But we still need a couple for little girls as well as for dialysis.

Minor re-cropped the Christmas photo so we can use it. PTL!

A love seat for the aged


The temptation to do it our self; the temptation to take the easy way and now we see that the third temptation of Jesus in Luke 4 was the temptation to not believe it until you see it. (Luke 4:9-11).

Satan tells Jesus that it He was the Son of God jump off this 450 foot drop. Jumping off a cliff was not the way for Jesus to stat His ministry. This was contrary to the will of God. We cannot jump into something of our own making and then asking God to get us out of the mess.

Satan wanted Jesus to ‘make a splash’ and there are many people entering ministry who seek to do exactly that. But ministry is not about ‘show’. It is about faithfulness and doing it God’s way not our own. There have been so many shooting stars who fade eventually.

For instance marriage is what happens after the wedding ceremony. Margaret Thatcher said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”. I have found out in my own life that I have had to ‘man up’ after trying and not succeeding. I cannot win over temptation if I am looking to hit a homerun every time.

Because Jesus defeated Satan in these three temptations you and I are in a position to know how to resist the enemy. Satan never quits.But we can win!

Take the easy way

There is a temptation to do things ourselves and there is a temptation to take the easy way. Luke 4:5-7 says, “If you will worship me I will give you all these things”. He was offering Jesus a kingdom without a cross. This is always the easiest way for us. We want something for nothing.

We have a “me” mentality that says I deserve more and I should get it whether I work or not. Why would Jesus go through all that suffering when He could have it for nothing? Sadly, I see young people today who want what it took years for their parents to accumulate. They desire to start marriage with an oversized house and multiple cars, etc.

I would not give anything for the first few years of my marriage. We lived in a small apartment that cost us $35 a month. We ate very little steak and dining out was out of the question. But those days seem to be my happiest days of memory.

When we build churches we do not hand them a check. The congregation must give a day a week to help the one paid block layer. They have to gather rocks in the streams to use in the concrete. This gives them ownership.

When we get it for nothing it means so much less.

Abortion and divorce are the easy way outs.

Do it myself

The reason the dollar is falling according to our banker is Trump’s deportation threats & Guatemalans in the USA are bailing out. Makes sense!

I bought Dottie a sofa and a love seat for her birthday. She still needs love at 74.

We are open on Wednesday Sept 13; Sunday the17th & the following Wednesday the 20th so we can drive from South Louisiana 500 miles in any direction should we get churches for those dates in a close proximity. Pray about it!

The new washer/dryer arrived today.

We need you to stand with us in prayer


When the devil came to Jesus after His baptism & recognition that He was God’s Son it was the first time in human history that Satan knew who He was. Ever sine Cain killed Abel Satan had tried to kill descendants of Adam & Eve to stop the Word given to Eve in the garden.

He tempts Jesus with 3 lies and it shows our own three temptations in life. When he told Jesus to turn the rocks into bread that was the TEMPTATION TO DO IT OURSELVES. Since Jesus had the power to turn the rocks into bread this was a very real temptation.

There are things that you and I can do but are not always God’s will. Being smart or talented or capable can be a huge problem if we do something on our own but it is not within the will of God for us. We do it like this because we really do not trust God.

Satan came when Jesus was alone and that is when you and I are most vulnerable. You and I are very weak when we are do-it-our selfers”.

More tomorrow

Second chances

I have a major problem that is breaking my heart. Aroldo, the most faithful young man I know, is burned out. He needs help in the dialysis or I am afraid we will lose him. It would be like the death of a child. Please pray for a couple from the USA who has a heart for the children in dialysis to come and help us. It is a critical need. These children need a Dad and a Mom and Aroldo needs relief. The couple would not live in the dorm but in a decent apartment.

The reason the dollar is falling according to our banker is Trump’s deportation threats & Guatemalans in the USA are bailing out. Makes sense!

We took the Christmas photograph to Kodak but it is too large for the 4 by 10 card.

Aroldo, the most faithful young man I know.

We are studying Jonah and in chapter 3 God tells Jonah “a second time” to go preach to Nineveh. This is after he is vomited up on dry land from the belly of a fish. The Bible is filled with people who were given a second chance. There was Moses, Jacob, Abraham, David, Rahab, Samson, Peter, John Mark, and others. My favorite is the thief on the cross.

God is so patient and forgiving of you and me. And He wants us to be patient and forgiving of others. Seventy times seven is what Jesus said was required for forgiveness. So that is many more than only a second chance! You don’t count them! I must give others a second chance because He has given me multiple chances.

In fact, God says if I do not forgive others He will not forgive me. We should be willing to forgive anyone who wrongs us. It is important that when I wrong another person I am willing to earn the trust of that person.

Comfort me

It was good to get back to teaching the children. That is what I miss the most when we are in the states.

Duke & James arrived from Alabama right hen we can use them the most. They will be here 3 weeks. God is so good.

We took photos of the children who were not here Tuesday and Minor will photo-shop them into the Christmas photo.

Gladys wants to have a cross like this in our blue building.

Psalm 69:20 “I looked for one who would comfort me and there was no one.” You and I need to be moved by the circumstances and plights of others. We need to bring His presence to those who are suffering. As a missionary I can describe my calling by these words: All Christians are called to comfort others.

Jesus tells us that when we do anything for the least of His children we do it unto Him. A cup of water or a kind word! A visit to the jail cell or reading to a blind individual! These are acts of kindness expected of us. Caring for the naked or the homeless is our way of honoring Jesus. Feed and clothing the poor is the way we become the hands of Jesus.

But in order to do these things you cannot be bitter or unforgiving. We all have had tragedy in our lives but we have bury the remembrance of those past hurts and do all we can to insure others are delivered from their sufferings. We must have the love to forgive and the humility to forget.

We must be aware of our own faults and realize that “But for the grace of God go I”. Thank Him everyday that you were born into a better condition than 99% of the world. Your freedoms and opportunities are everywhere.

Do not allow Psalm 69:20 to become your headstone. Make a difference!!

The dead and the Ignorant

I went to bed at 5am as I was dealing with issues. I have not had to do this in years I believe but when you have 400 children there are issues that arise. Nothing critical but heart aches. So many children feel abandoned and unloved.

I made more radio shows that take me to the end of the year. Why? Because I want to still be heard even after I am gone.

Kevin moved from my house to a small room where he can have more time to study his medical courses. There is too much activity in dorms for him to study that myriad of courses.

Walt’s parents arrived today.

Another son in the transition is Vilfredo who is director of the school and the house father for the older girls

Jesus spoke of burying the dead and we have had to do that for the community we live in. A number of neighbors in our area have come to us following the death of a family member as they cannot afford the coffin, burial expenses and the plot of ground. It is a blessing to help our neighbors.

Have you ever sat with the dying and loved them into the next life.

I believe He also spoke of counseling those who are confused. “The truth does set you free.” So many people need direction in their lives. For our kids it is certain educational choices are the most important decision they will make besides following Christ. No future without an education!

I am a teacher and not a preacher. I do not think that visitors to Casa are impressed with my messages. They are designed to teach the children where they should go and how to get there. Jesus said, “How shall they know if no one teaches them”.

What we know is what we live. Our life is what we have learned and that is where our real classroom is. We all need someone to listen and help give us direction. Wisdom is not judgmentalism. No one knows it all and at 74 years of age I am still learning. I will leave this life without knowing everything. I have dark places in my life and there are 3 men who are always there for me.

I will summarize this tomorrow.

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