Edgar – Never give up

Edgar is an example of a child unwilling to quit, determined to succeed and refusing to see himself as handicapped.

He was abandoned by his mother and never knew his father.

His grandmother was confined to a wheelchair and begged in the streets. Edgar pushed her amongst the cars. When Edgar was 5 years old an automobile ran over him and his leg was mangled to the point the only alternative was amputation. The judicial powers-that-be removed him from his grandmother and sent him to Casa along with his two younger sisters. From the moment he arrived he has been an inspiration to all of the children and I believe the staff as well.

He runs with his artificial leg, climbs, plays soccer and does it all with a huge smile on his face.

He is amazing!


Waiting for a Miracle

Jose’, Luis, Wendy, Sindy and Marjorie are the 5 children undergoing dialysis. Luis is on a machine for 8 hours each night while the other 4 are having dialysis 4 times a day every day.

Our desire is to have each of the children on a machine since that will improve their quality of life. Each child is awaiting a kidney transplant but as of now there has not  been a match for any of them.

Pray that God will perform a miracle in whatever manner He sees fit–with or without the transplant.

A Happy Reunion

Eight years ago, 2004, two young teenage girls arrived at Casa.

They were not natural sisters but they became the dearest of friends. Nancy was sent here
because her father had passed away and her mother was extremely poor working in a market selling vegetables. Dina had just lost her mother and her father became extremely ill and unable to care for the children.

These two girls are poster children for my dream of seeing Guatemalan children saved an educated in order to make a difference in their own nation.

The Lord had spoken to me back in 1989 that he did not want me to come to Guatemala and open an orphanage and provide children for adoption to the United States. But rather he wanted Dottie and I to raise these children to be the next Christian leaders in Guatemala.

Both Nancy and Dina have graduated from college. Both are working in hospitals for children with AIDS. They both have bank accounts but more important they are absolutely two of the strongest Christians that have ever been raised at Casa.

So now they return to Tecpan and San Jose’ Paoquil to their families where they will continue to work in their respective hospitals and the godly members of their communities.

As we pray for them in church and then a day later as their families came to pick them up and pray for me I felt as though the desire of my heart had become a reality.

Another Miracle

A number of years ago I was called to our gate and there was a young 14 year old girl standing there, She said “Would you take my sisters?” My answer was “I cannot just take children without paper work from a judge. What about your parents?”

She said “My parents are dead and I work in a factory. I can feed my sisters but I cannot educate them. And if they do not study they will be just like me.” It broke my heart and when I discovered that her parents had been killed 2 years earlier and she was caring for her sisters and herself for over two years I was totally taken back by the story. Immediately I said “What about you? Wouldn’t you like an education?” She said “That would be more than God could do for me.”

So I went to court and they have been here ever since. Celia, the one who came to the gate, has finished all of her class work and also has finished her nursing practicum. In September she will take here nursing exams. Soon she and Victor Hugo will be married.

Her sisters, Angelica and Marta, are both in college. What Christ has done in their lives is another of those miracles where a decision made over 10 years blossoms into a bouquet of His love.

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