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For as little as $40 a month, you can ensure a child’s safety, nourishment, clothing, encouragement, education, career, and most importantly, spiritual growth. Get the answers to some common questions about sponsorship.

To sponsor a child at Casa Para Niños:
1. Pray for the Lord’s leading in the process 
2. Complete and submit the online form for review and verification*
3. Receive guidance from the U.S and Guatemalan staff on priority needs
4. Receive a temporary password to access our secure child sponsorship database
5. Select from the children most in need based on God’s prompting and guidence from staff
6. Receive your personal MiCasa account and begin to make a difference



This document states the reasoning behind our sponsorship policy and describes how we handle the sponsorship funds. While this is the rule of operation at Casa Para Niños, exceptions can and do occur and we reserve the right to make necessary changes due to the conditions that apply.

Casa Para Niños commenced in February, 1989 as a children’s home with a family environment. Due to God’s faithful blessing and the favor of various Guatemalan authorities, Casa Para Niños has grown to nearly 500 children.

Shortly after establishing Casa Para Niños, Mike and Dottie Clark initiated a child sponsorship program with the objective that each child would have someone who prays for them by name, remembers special days and helps defer the costs of personal needs. Child sponsorships have played a significant role at Casa Para Niños, adding a personalized outreach to individual children as well as providing additional funding for operations.

Having a family of hundreds of children has resulted in thousands of interpersonal relationships. Many sponsors have even come to visit us in Guatemala, which is a big event in the life of the child.Initially, the monthly sponsorship amount for one child was set at $25. However, this amount was raised to $35 per month in 2000 due to the rising costs of operations.

All sponsors at that time were considered “grandfathered” at $25 per month. Many of those sponsors have stayed committed at that amount, while others have chosen to increase their gift to match their child’s needs. The current monthly sponsorship for children is $35.Casa Para Niños feeds, clothes, houses and educates all the children without regard to individual sponsorships.

Sponsors are advised that sponsorship funds are pooled with the general support of Casa Para Niños, and that while every effort is made to use those funds to meet the sponsored child’s needs, there may be circumstances under which a portion of these funds must be used to meet the needs of other Casa Para Niños children. Exceptions to this occur when sponsors send a small financial gift for the child along with a letter or card; this money is given directly to the child.Some of our children have been here since 1989, but some have been here less than a year.

As children come and go over time, we experience some children with multiple sponsors and some with no sponsors. Upon arrival at Casa Para Niños, every new child is added to our database which, in turn, places a profile page on our website – complete with photo and personal information.Ideally, we would like to have at least three sponsors per child to love and correspond with the children and help meet their emotional needs as well as to fully fund their individual needs. The general rule of operation is that a child is available for sponsorship if
1) The child has resided at Casa Para Niños for at least six months; and
2) The child has less than three sponsors.

The reason for the 6-month condition is that we often receive children for a short time while the courts sort matters out. Sometimes they are returned to their families and do not become permanent residents. We want to be reasonably sure that the child will be here long-term if we are going to encourage these types of long-term relationships.

Sometimes children who have been long-term residents leave to go back home to their family or for other reasons. In these cases, we do our best to contact the sponsors individually, let them know that their child is no longer with us and invite them to consider another child who needs a sponsor.


Gift Suggestions
The children are always excited to receive presents from their sponsors.  Use the suggestions below to help determine age appropriate gifts that they enjoy or need the most.
All ages, boys and girls:
Underwear Socks Undershirts Pajamas
Bath towels Jeans Backpacks Sweaters
Sweat/jogging suits Puppets Bubbles Shoestrings (all sizes)
Children/family videotapes, music (in Spanish) Interactive games (checkers, chess, Uno cards, concentration, puzzles) Christian music (cassettes, CDs) Balls (soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, kickball, etc.)
Tennis shoes (leather more durable than canvas; lo-tops)
All ages girls:
 Small purses House slippers Plastic dolls, Barbies, clothing Hair accessories (bows, clips, barrettes, scrunchies, etc.)
Age 0-2 boys and girls:
Plastic bottles/nipples Rattles Wind-up
music boxes/toys
Mobiles for nursery
Sleepers Shampoo Lotion Desitin ointment
Wipes (refills) Vaseline Hats Plastic toys
Age 1-5, boys and girls:
Cloth or plastic books (no paper, please)
Age 1-5 boys:
Plastic animals Toy phones (regular & cellular)
Age 1-10, boys:
Plastic trucks, tractors, planes, cars, etc. Plastic tools Large Legos (not smaller size, please)
Age 2-12, girls:
Plastic dishes Pots Pans Play food
Age 5-20, boys and girls:
Books in Spanish (Christian/family values, please)
Age 6-10, boys:
Hotwheels cars Trucks Tractors
Age 6-10, girls:
Clothes for dress-up (old formals, hats, etc.) Play costume jewelry (no beaded items, please) Gloves Shoes
Teenage boys & girls:
Nice toiletry items (lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) School supplies (backpack, pens, pencils, papers, notebooks)
Gift Restrictions
Due to safety, cultural, or campus maintenance reasons, the children are not allowed to have certain items.  Please make sure they are not included in your gifts.

Never allowed, all ages:
Balloons Gum Permanent markers Small televisions
Beaded jewelry Play-doh* Candles, matches Toy guns, knives
Stickers* Silly Putty Sleeveless shirts/dresses Post-it notes*
Scissors Fingernail polish Music by non-Christian artists
Pocket knives
Elementary school children, regardless of age, cannot have in their possession:
Crayons* Pens* Pencils* Markers*
Age 0-5 cannot have in their possession:
Paper products of any kind (books, paper dolls, etc.)
Age 0-10 cannot have in their possession:
Lip gloss
Age 0-6 cannot have:
Make-up Stuffed animals Nerf-type balls (they tear them apart, chew on them and can choke on the spongy material)
* Items are needed for use at CPNA but are for use by staff members, or by children only under the supervision of an adult.


When considering gifts or correspondence for your sponsored child, please keep the following in mind:

    • The lead time on sending gifts, whether for birthday, Christmas or any other occasion, should be at least 3 months.
    • Transportation to Guatemala: Never mail anything to our street address here in Guatemala as it will probably never arrive. Also, keep in mind that international mail must first go through customs. This will require a staff member to drive to the city, wait in line for the package and then pay duties on the contents. To determine the best shipping option for your package, it is best to contact or our US office at 337.855.1286. The luxury of using ocean-going containers may become a thing of the past if we are required to pay import taxes on the contents. If this does occur, the only method of safe transport will be in the luggage of others coming to visit Casa Aleluya.
    • Individual items should be well marked. Please do NOT gift wrap the presents. Security will not allow them. We do not necessarily need to see each item, though we do require that a detailed inventory listing be included with your package. Mark the exterior of the box clearly as to the intended recipient.
    • Many times we receive items that have gotten separated from their original wrapping because of poor materials used. Masking tape and Scotch tape are not reliable given the miles your package will travel, changes in temperature and environment, and number of times handled. Please use 2 inch packing tape instead.
    • Packages do sometimes arrive that have been exposed to the elements or the external wrapping has been torn; writing on the external packing(and even on internal items) may have faded or become completely erased/removed. You may consider placing all internal items inside a sturdy plastic bag, which you then place inside the external wrapping/box. Always write to/from names on a slip of paper and place inside each wrapped item. This will help to insure that the item ends up with the intended recipient and that the child will know who sent it.
    • When labeling items, always use the child’s full name (first, middle and last) and their number if they have one. Though referring to a child as ‘Walter 4’ may sound institutional and cold to you, it is very much needed in a household as big as ours. If you do not have the child’s complete name, the information is available on the website when you are signed in with your Mi Casa account, or you can contact us by email to get this information.
    • It is helpful if you will include your address inside at least one of the gifts to insure that we have your current contact information. The child will want to write and thank you. If you have a Mi Casa account, this is not necessary as long as your mailing information is kept current on your account.
    • Cards should not be taped to the outside of the gift wrap as they are likely to fall off. Wrap card inside the gift wrapping.
    • Gift bags should never be used as items are likely to fall out or be stolen. They are beautiful and decorative, though not very secure in our environment.

1. What is a CPNA sponsor?
A concerned compassionate person willing to contribute to the well-being of an otherwise forgotten child.

2. What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?Housing, clothing, food, education, Christian teaching, and a loving spiritual environment. Also, the emotional security in knowing that God is providing someone who is lovingly taking care of their needs.

3. Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping?
Some children may have multiple sponsors. We would like to have at least three sponsors per child.

4. If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the child I’m helping?
The child will continue to be cared for until God provides another sponsor for the child.

5. How long should my sponsorship last?
We encourage you to follow God’s leading in this. We prefer our sponsors to form long lasting relationships with the children and for sponsorship to last up to the age of 18.

6. How can I communicate with the child I sponsor?
You can send e-mail to your child, write letters, or send gifts. View our contact information

7. Will my child write to me?
The children write thank you letters for gifts received and there are 3-4 times each year when all children write letters to each of their sponsors. In the letter written just before Christmas time, each letter will also include a new photo of their sponsored child.

8. May I send gifts to my child?
Yes, the children love to receive gifts – especially at Christmas time and on their birthday. Financial gift amounts that are sometimes sent with correspondence normally range between $10 and $20. The children are also grateful to receive pictures of you and your family. View our gift guidelines and suggestions

9. What makes CPNA stand out among other childcare organizations?
We have a tremendous cross section of denominational support, but the most compelling endorsement has come from the Guatemalan government itself. Though we receive no financial support from the Guatemalan government, both the court system and current administration have pleaded with us to care for at least 2000 more Guatemalan children in need.

10. Is CPNA affiliated with one particular church or denomination?
No, it is affiliated with many different Christian churches and denominations. However, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and are accountable to them. The Board includes three of the Executive Staff of CPNA and five outside Directors. The criteria for being a Director are the qualifications for overseers and Deacons that are listed in Timothy 3.


Thank you for your interest in helping support this ministry financially. We offer several different levels and methods in which you can donate.

One time gift

Regular commitment

In honor or memory of a loved one

Personal Check

When sending a personal check please mail your check to:

Build Your House on the Rock Ministries

P.O. Box 12764

Lake Charles, Louisiana 70612-2764

For sponsorship of a child, please include the child(ren)’s name(s) on the check.

If you are donating to meet a specific supply need, be sure to mention it by name on the check.

Credit Card

You can use your credit card to donate online securely via PayPal.



Or you can call our stateside office at (337) 855-1286. If your donation is a regular commitment, you can state how much and at what interval (monthly, bimonthly or semiannually) and we will automatically charge it for you.

Gifts in Memory and Honor

Now you can make donations to Casa Para Niños Aleluya either in honor of or in memory of someone. When mailing in your donation be sure to include:

Your address

Name and address of the specified recipient

If it is in honor or memory of someone


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