Climate and Enviroment

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Around Casa Para Ninos

Casa Para Niños Aleluya is located in the mountains of southwestern Guatemala about 40 minutes northwest of Guatemala City. At just under 7000 feet above sea level, the terrain around us is steep with lush forests and fields for farming. We’re located off the Pan-American highway within walking distance of smaller towns and villages. Larger cities like Antigua and Guatemala City are a short drive away.

Located in the mountains, the altitude curtails the power of the tropical sun, resulting in a moderate climate with perfect temperatures all year round. Statistically, December and January are the “coldest” months with an average of 20° C (68° F), April is the “hottest” month with an average temperature of 25° C (77° F).Though the days are typically warm, the temperature drops at night. We recommend dressing in long pants and a light sweater in the evening and sleeping in a sweat suit or warm pajamas.

The four seasons, as they are known in most parts of the world, don’t have much meaning because of the almost constant temperatures. Instead, we distinguish only between the dry season, which we call summer, and the rainy season, which we call winter. Don’t let the term rainy season scare you, however. It is not nearly as bad as it sounds. The rain rarely lasts for more than an hour or two at a time, leaving the air cool and fresh and providing sufficient moisture for trees and flowers to bloom and blossom.

We recommend bringing a poncho during the rainy season in case you are out and get caught in a shower.

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