Common Questions about Sponsorship

1. What is a CPNA sponsor?
A concerned compassionate person willing to contribute to the well-being of an otherwise forgotten child.2. What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?
Housing, clothing, food, education, Christian teaching, and a loving spiritual environment. Also, the emotional security in knowing that God is providing someone who is lovingly taking care of their needs.

3. Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping?
Some children may have multiple sponsors. We would like to have at least three sponsors per child.

4. If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the child I’m helping?
The child will continue to be cared for until God provides another sponsor for the child.

5. How long should my sponsorship last?
We encourage you to follow God’s leading in this. We prefer our sponsors to form long lasting relationships with the children and for sponsorship to last up to the age of 18.

6. How can I communicate with the child I sponsor?
You can send e-mail to your child, write letters, or send gifts. View our contact information

7. Will my child write to me?
The children write thank you letters for gifts received and there are 3-4 times each year when all children write letters to each of their sponsors. In the letter written just before Christmas time, each letter will also include a new photo of their sponsored child.

8. May I send gifts to my child?
Yes, the children love to receive gifts – especially at Christmas time and on their birthday. Financial gift amounts that are sometimes sent with correspondence normally range between $10 and $20. The children are also grateful to receive pictures of you and your family. View our gift guidelines and suggestions

9. What makes CPNA stand out among other childcare organizations?
We have a tremendous cross section of denominational support, but the most compelling endorsement has come from the Guatemalan government itself. Though we receive no financial support from the Guatemalan government, both the court system and current administration have pleaded with us to care for at least 2000 more Guatemalan children in need.

10. Is CPNA affiliated with one particular church or denomination?
No, it is affiliated with many different Christian churches and denominations. However, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and are accountable to them. The Board includes three of the Executive Staff of CPNA and five outside Directors. The criteria for being a Director are the qualifications for overseers and Deacons that are listed in Timothy 3.

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