Gift Giving Gudelines

Gift Suggestions
The children are always excited to receive presents from their sponsors.  Use the suggestions below to help determine age appropriate gifts that they enjoy or need the most.

All ages, boys and girls:
Underwear Socks Undershirts Pajamas
Bath towels Jeans Backpacks Sweaters
Sweat/jogging suits Puppets Bubbles Shoestrings (all sizes)
Children/family videotapes, music (in Spanish) Interactive games (checkers, chess, Uno cards, concentration, puzzles) Christian music (cassettes, CDs) Balls (soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, kickball, etc.)
Tennis shoes (leather more durable than canvas; lo-tops)
All ages girls:
 Small purses House slippers Plastic dolls, Barbies, clothing Hair accessories (bows, clips, barrettes, scrunchies, etc.)
Age 0-2 boys and girls:
Plastic bottles/nipples Rattles Wind-up
music boxes/toys
Mobiles for nursery
Sleepers Shampoo Lotion Desitin ointment
Wipes (refills) Vaseline Hats Plastic toys
Age 1-5, boys and girls:
Cloth or plastic books (no paper, please)
Age 1-5 boys:
Plastic animals Toy phones (regular & cellular)
Age 1-10, boys:
Plastic trucks, tractors, planes, cars, etc. Plastic tools Large Legos (not smaller size, please)
Age 2-12, girls:
Plastic dishes Pots Pans Play food
Age 5-20, boys and girls:
Books in Spanish (Christian/family values, please)
Age 6-10, boys:
Hotwheels cars Trucks Tractors
Age 6-10, girls:
Clothes for dress-up (old formals, hats, etc.) Play costume jewelry (no beaded items, please) Gloves Shoes
Teenage boys & girls:
Nice toiletry items (lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) School supplies (backpack, pens, pencils, papers, notebooks)
Gift Restrictions
Due to safety, cultural, or campus maintenance reasons, the children are not allowed to have certain items.  Please make sure they are not included in your gifts.

Never allowed, all ages:
Balloons Gum Permanent markers Small televisions
Beaded jewelry Play-doh* Candles, matches Toy guns, knives
Stickers* Silly Putty Sleeveless shirts/dresses Post-it notes*
Scissors Fingernail polish Music by non-Christian artists
Pocket knives
Elementary school children, regardless of age, cannot have in their possession:
Crayons* Pens* Pencils* Markers*
Age 0-5 cannot have in their possession:
Paper products of any kind (books, paper dolls, etc.)
Age 0-10 cannot have in their possession:
Lip gloss
Age 0-6 cannot have:
Make-up Stuffed animals Nerf-type balls (they tear them apart, chew on them and can choke on the spongy material)
* Items are needed for use at CPNA but are for use by staff members, or by children only under the supervision of an adult.
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