International Safety

Safety Tips

Study a map before going out; once on the street, use a pocket-size guidebook to avoid looking like a tourist.

Dress down.

Do consider wearing minimal amounts of jewelry — even a chain that’s fake gold can be ripped off your neck. Consider leaving your wedding ring at home too.

Loop a money belt around your belt loops so that if someone cuts it, it won’t fall from your waist.

Be wary when getting off a bus or train, or riding stairs and escalators; that’s when pickpockets tend to strike.

Carry just one credit card and photocopies of important documents like your passport. Divide money for small and larger purchases so you don’t have to expose a wad of bills. (When sharing with friends, keep a kitty for common expenses to make digging for cash in public places unnecessary.) Become familiar with foreign currency before you need to use it.

Avoid leaving the property unattended. Picturesque country lanes are perfect spots for lurking bandits and thugs, even if you are within a stones throw of the Casa gates

Never leave property without permission from staff. Do not leave property on root after dark.

Government and Politics

We recommend you avoid talking about American and/or Guatemalan politics. If you are asked your opinion about politics, try to emphasize a Biblical perspective concerning the relevant issues and use any such discussion as a stepping stone to share the Gospel.



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