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This document states the reasoning behind our sponsorship policy and describes how we handle the sponsorship funds. While this is the rule of operation at Casa Para Niños, exceptions can and do occur and we reserve the right to make necessary changes due to the conditions that apply.

Casa Para Niños commenced in February, 1989 as a children’s home with a family environment. Due to God’s faithful blessing and the favor of various Guatemalan authorities, Casa Para Niños has grown to nearly 450 children.

Shortly after establishing Casa Para Niños, Mike and Dottie Clark initiated a child sponsorship program with the objective that each child would have someone who prays for them by name, remembers special days and helps defer the costs of personal needs. Child sponsorships have played a significant role at Casa Para Niños, adding a personalized outreach to individual children as well as providing additional funding for operations. Having a family of hundreds of children has resulted in thousands of interpersonal relationships. Many sponsors have even come to visit us in Guatemala, which is a big event in the life of the child.

Initially, the monthly sponsorship amount for one child was set at $25. However, this amount was raised to $35 per month in 2000 due to the rising costs of operations. All sponsors at that time were considered “grandfathered” at $25 per month. Many of those sponsors have stayed committed at that amount, while others have chosen to increase their gift to match their child’s needs. The current monthly sponsorship for children is $40.

Casa Para Niños feeds, clothes, houses and educates all the children without regard to individual sponsorships. Sponsors are advised that sponsorship funds are pooled with the general support of Casa Para Niños, and that while every effort is made to use those funds to meet the sponsored child’s needs, there may be circumstances under which a portion of these funds must be used to meet the needs of other Casa Para Niños children. Exceptions to this occur when sponsors send a small financial gift for the child along with a letter or card; this money is given directly to the child.

Some of our children have been here since 1989, but some have been here less than a year. As children come and go over time, we experience some children with multiple sponsors and some with no sponsors. Upon arrival at Casa Para Niños, every new child is added to our database which, in turn, places a profile page on our website – complete with photo and personal information.

Ideally, we would like to have at least three sponsors per child to love and correspond with the children and help meet their emotional needs as well as to fully fund their individual needs. The general rule of operation is that a child is available for sponsorship if
1) The child has resided at Casa Para Niños for at least six months; and
2) The child has less than three sponsors.
The reason for the 6-month condition is that we often receive children for a short time while the courts sort matters out. Sometimes they are returned to their families and do not become permanent residents. We want to be reasonably sure that the child will be here long-term if we are going to encourage these types of long-term relationships.

Sometimes children who have been long-term residents leave to go back home to their family or for other reasons. In these cases, we do our best to contact the sponsors individually, let them know that their child is no longer with us and invite them to consider another child who needs a sponsor.  See our Privacy Statement.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please apply for a mi-casa account.


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