Some days I really wish God would lend me His watch. Maybe then I could truly grasp how His time is not our time.

So many seasons in our life we are sure God is taking too long. Or sometimes we even begin to think we’ve missed it because it’s not happening as quickly as we thought it would. I wonder how Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego felt about God’s timing. We know the outcome of their story and consider them hero’s, but what was going through their minds before they saw their story completed. I feel pretty sure they had to have questioned why God was taking so long. Maybe it was after the king decreed everyone should bow to a golden statue. Did they start praying, “God it’s been long enough you can stop this now!”? Or maybe they didn’t doubt until after the music started playing. When those first few notes began, where they still expecting God to show up in a mighty way and put a stop to the evil plans? When the King challenged them they responded with the right words of faith, but like you and me, did they ever begin to doubt deep in their heart even though they KNEW God would show up? Maybe they were much more spiritually mature than the rest of us and while the music was playing and all the people had their noses pressed to the ground, except for the king who was staring daggers into them, maybe they hadn’t doubted for a second that God’s timing is perfect and He wouldn’t wait too long. Next came the order for the furnace to be heated hotter than it had ever been! What was going through Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego’s minds now? I bet their thoughts were racing as they were being bound up, knowing in a matter of minutes that it would all be over. Do you think they were crying louder now, “God surely now it has been long enough!”? They were thrown into the furnace, a furnace hot enough to kill someone from the outside and they were inside it! What if the story had ended there? The Bible says they fell down, bound in the midst of the furnace. Sometimes things in our life get so hard that we fall bound in the midst of them. Did the 3 Hebrew boys miss God? Is that why they were in such a hard and terrible situation? Surely you’ll never get bound or fall if you’re in God’s will. Right? Do you think as they laid in that fire, waiting for it to consume them, that they started to think, “Wow, we really messed up. We must have missed God because He never would have taken this long to get us out of this.” Something amazing happened to them in that fire, God showed up! He also burned the bondages off of them that caused them to fall. And through it all, other than a little discomfort, they were not harmed. Wow. Are you starting to think about the parallels to your own life? I sure am. Imagine the impact Rach, Shach, and Benny (that’s for all my Veggie Tales fans) had on that entire nation because God waited so long to show up. What if God had shown up in the very beginning when the decree first went out? Maybe the king and some of his minions would have gotten touched but that would have been it. Because God’s timing was different than they may have wanted, not only a nation, but people for thousands of years have been impacted and encouraged by their story. I don’t want to give up too soon on God. I don’t understand His timing most days, but if I can stay strong and trust Him, maybe the course of history can be changed because of my story. What is your story? Are you hanging on and trusting Him? Maybe the king has just sent out the decree, maybe you’re being bound, maybe you’re laying down in the fire, wherever you’re at, God is there too! He is meticulously working out every detail.

Let’s put our full trust in Him today. He is so worthy to be trusted!!!

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